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  1. Never have any cycling or any other issues this this combination: BERETTA BENELLI MOBIL TACTICAL BREECHER MUZZLE BRAKE .725 Model-84130 Cylinder Slugs-Winchester/Federal 1600 FPS
  2. hiend

    Rmr vs t2 for m4

    My choice was SRO 2.5 MOA
  3. Absolutely great recoil you may shoot easy 75-100 rounds (Slugs, 00 buckshot) 1600 fps with the very comfortable result.
  4. Magpul QD Sling Swivel 1-1/4" Steel Black MAG540-BLK: https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1023204171?pid=865799 Multi Light Benelli M4 Mount - Scout SKU: LBM4S: https://www.impactweaponscomponents.com/product/multi-light-benelli-m4-mount-scout/ THE FREEDOM FIGHTER QD SLING PLATE FOR MESA TACTICAL URBINO STOCKS FOR THE BENELLI M4 - BLACK: https://freedomfightertactical.com/products/the-fft-qd-sling-plate-for-original-benelli-and-mesa-tactical-stocks This is a complete items + Blue force gear sling + Mesa Tactical Urbino Stock.
  5. I believe OEM Benelli grip more rounded and ergonomics, but Urbino better seats in action. I own M4 already for 10 months and 9.5 months with Urbino on it. This how my M4 looks today.
  6. THE FREEDOM FIGHTER QD SLING PLATE FOR MESA TACTICAL URBINO STOCKS FOR THE BENELLI M4 - BLACK https://freedomfightertactical.com/products/the-fft-qd-sling-plate-for-original-benelli-and-mesa-tactical-stocks
  7. Finally accomplished Blue force gear sling setup on both ends with QD sling swivel for Benelli m4.
  8. Great result with Carlson (choke tube) Beretta Benelli Mobil Tactical Muzzle Brake Item #84030 Cylinder, Diameter: .725 The Cylinder constriction may be used with ALL shot shells including Lead, Steel, Hevi-Shot, and even slugs! More than 300 shells fired, 2-3/4 from 1200FPS-1600FPS not one failed.
  9. Yes, you right to avoid using solvent that will remove copper, if you using Traditional Brass product. Bore Tech use Proof positive Product (Jags, Brushes and cleaning rods)- No reaction at all between Proof-Positive product and solvent. Upper Image- PROOF-POSITIVE PRODUCTS Lower Image-TRADITIONAL BRASS PRODUCTS
  10. Bore Tech’s Bronze Spiral Shotgun Brushes are unique, innovative, and effective. The Tornado style looped bristles are made from barrel safe phosphorous bronze and offer unsurpassed cleaning without any damaging side effects. These brushes offer an extended life span over standard wire bristle brushes and work great on stubborn plastic fouling. This is all about chemical selection guide.
  11. Have very similar result after 75 rounds of shouting this Slugs-Pleasure to shoot, removing lead was painfully But this brushes (Spiral Brush/Tornado)- specially did the Job perfectly, from Bore Tech Spiral + Wire + Jag + Patches + Bore Tech Eliminator.
  12. Carlson Dummy Shotgun Snap Caps https://www.choketube.com/accessories-product-details-R.php?Snap-Caps&mf=340
  13. hiend

    The SRO Tool

    Thanks, received. Great product.
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