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  1. Also has the tartan tactical full length lifter.
  2. new Benelli M2 Tactical factory 7 shot pistol grip with Ghost Ring Sights. I have swapped out the factory extended mag tube for a extended Nordic so the barrel clamp could be added, this included the Nordic spring and Follower as well. Also added the Nordic Extended charging handle. This also has the A&S Engineering Enhanced aluminum trigger housing, very cool item. This has never been fired, it is as new. $1300 shipped. [email protected]
  3. Looks like I’m actually going to have an extra one now for sale as well.
  4. Thanks Mike. I ordered a few chokes last night, the Cylinder and the Improved Cylinder Choke. Ill look around for a LM as well. I know it sounds stupid but i sort of want to just find one choke that works for all, don't really feel like switching them out often between shells. That being said, after shooting my friends Salvo, now im looking at a suppressor seriously for it. lol thanks for the reply.
  5. I have yet to see a Benelli M4 fail or detonate and just about everyone I know that has a M4 runs the stock modified choke with ALL types of slugs and buck. But for $20 why not try a improved cylinder? Lol
  6. I know what they post on their page but if you call Benelli they even tell you modified is fine with rifled slugs but they suggest improved cylinder because of accuracy. He said they have always come with modified chokes since they were developed and even the MIL issued ones are modified. I just wondered if anyone had any better luck. Which IC choke tube did you buy?
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