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  1. Ask for Mitch from Mesa Tactical, Great man and very helpful. This is how looks mine.
  2. Some pictures, but not u-loops to the factory points on stock.
  3. Probably you right, to me this all new (Shotguns, Slugs) but I am really liked Tactical Muzzle Brake.
  4. Perfectly work for me, from day One I got my m4 its installed on it. I can shoot 150 + slugs with the great fillings and pleasure. Carlson's: model-84130, 50 Yards from hand.
  5. Enjoy your stock! I already received and switched the washer from Mesa Tactical to Nord Lock Washer.
  6. This exactly what you need Product Dimensions : 0.83 x 0.1 x 0.42 inches; 0.16 Ounces. Outside D-0.83"xTicknes T-0.1" Inside D-0.42" Amazon reference: Wedge Locking Washer Carbon STL Zinc Flake Coated Thru Hardened M10 Large O.D. 10 glued PRS/Pack Rockwell Hardness: M in 46 HRC Fits Bolt Sizes: M10, or 3/8 https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06XPF8K4V/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_image_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  7. Thanks Agent86, just watch a video, this explain a lot, Great Idea. I don't know internal, external diameters of the washers, if link available, will be very helpful. Thanks again.
  8. Thanks Agent86, If you have extra Nord Lock Washer can you please measured Internal and External diameter of Nord Lock Washers that will be working on Mesa Tactical screw., or maybe a link. Thanks a lot. I think this is a Great idea.
  9. If Nord Lock washers works Great, why even think about to use at all Purple Loctite on the Mesa Tactical screw. This method(Nord Lock washers) will not allowed to unscrew Stock retaining Screw #70044 from receiver extension with default Loctite on external treads. I am also just received Mesa Tactical stock, installed with out Loctite on Mesa Tactical screw.
  10. My new Custom padded Vickers Sling With Front and Rear HK-100 Sling Snap Hook. Blue Force Gear for Benelli m4
  11. If anyone is able to answer the question below. I was heard and not once that first revisions of Mesa Tactical stock and stock retention screw had a big issues on external thread of retention screw from receiver extension in different scenarios: shooting often or removing stock from Mesa stock back to OEM factory. Nova days Mesa stock revision is changed? If yes, the issue remain the same or it was resolved. Should I expect from time to time the Mesa Tactical stock will get loose and I will have to be tightened up? No expected loctite in use on Mesa bolt or Stock r
  12. As soon I will get a sling from BFG I will post pictures.
  13. Thanks everyone for respond and explanation. Place order yesterday, Part Number: VCAS-CUSTOM-200, as picture bellow. in addition to front and rear attachments hardware ULoop add pair of Sling Snap Hook P-HK-100 What sling hardware will work better and cleaner on m4 11707 sling attachment plate front and rear, between receiver and Mesa stock (hardware was included) Of course if I decide connect rear point directly to Mesa Stock ambidextrous sling it will be ULoop, looks like HK hook won't fit
  14. Would like to place a order for Benelli m4 with Mesa tactical stock, Part Number: VCAS-CUSTOM-200 Pros and cons about this product will be very appreciated. Thanks for your help. it will this product fit correctly on the default factory sling attachment plates front and rear?
  15. The set what I listed $ 74.00 Knipex 9K-00-19-52-US missing 1 size 19-60 mm diameter 4 pliers configuration: 48 11 J2 straight tips Internal 19 - 60mm 49 11 A2 straight tips External 19 - 60mm 48 21 J21 angled tips Internal 19 - 60mm 49 21 A21 angled tips External 19 - 60mm Set what You listed $177.00 Knipex 00-20-04-SB Almost have everything. Probably will get it $ 74.00 Knipex 9K-00-19-52-US plus KNIPEX Tools - Precision Circlip Pliers, External, 90 Degree Angled, 3/4"-2 23/64" (19-60mm) Shaft Dia. (4921A21) For sling plate retainer (code: 70121 Ba
  16. Please let me know if this set will do the job, for all retaining rings from small to large on Benelli m4. thanks. Max diameter is 25mm, is this will be enough wide to remove and installed back sling plate retainer (code: 70121 Barrel Group) This ring is 32mm diameter https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B002KN3BME/ref=ox_sc_act_image_1?smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER&psc=1#productDetails Knipex 9K-00-19-52-US Set includes: 44 11 J1: Straight Tip Internal Circlip Pliers for 12-25 mm diameter 44 21 J11: 90 Degree Angled Tip Internal Circlip Pliers for 12-25 mm diameter
  17. What size range in MM min-max of Circlip/Snap Ring Pliers required to remove sling plate retainer (code: 70121 Barrel Group) and install Sling Attachment Plate (code: 70120) in new loop direction from bottom to the left side 90 Degree for future installation of HK style Quick Clips or Mesh hooks This is a rear looped sling from Mesa Tactical also will be installed To start this project and accomplish I need to ordered the right Snap Ring Pliers to deal this sling plate retainer looks like 30-32 mm in diameter (code: 70121) and also in the future all other m4 reta
  18. Yesterday received Urbino® Pistol Grip Stock, installed, very happy, thanks all for help.
  19. I am 5’10”. Mine M4 is 2 weeks old. I hear you and thanks a lot, when I decide, will get brand new only, but thanks again for offering and explanation.
  20. It is worth it to buy MesaTacktical PG to replace OEM PG stock, how better MesaTactical limb-saver ??, not planing to install scope or RDS. thanks
  21. On Urbino web sites states: SKU: 91470 Width: 14.00 (in) Height: 10.00 (in) Depth: 5.00 (in) https://www.mesatactical.com/products/urbino-pistol-grip-stock-for-ben-m4-riser-limbsaver-12-ga-black.html
  22. Dear members, both pistol grip stocks Urbino and OEM is 14”-WITH incl. limb-saver. what’s is the different accept the Riser. Some people claimed that Mesa grip is shorter. This is a OEM grip with-14” Thanks.
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