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  1. Great result with Carlson (choke tube) Beretta Benelli Mobil Tactical Muzzle Brake Item #84030 Cylinder, Diameter: .725 The Cylinder constriction may be used with ALL shot shells including Lead, Steel, Hevi-Shot, and even slugs! More than 300 shells fired, 2-3/4 from 1200FPS-1600FPS not one failed.
  2. Yes, you right to avoid using solvent that will remove copper, if you using Traditional Brass product. Bore Tech use Proof positive Product (Jags, Brushes and cleaning rods)- No reaction at all between Proof-Positive product and solvent. Upper Image- PROOF-POSITIVE PRODUCTS Lower Image-TRADITIONAL BRASS PRODUCTS
  3. Bore Tech’s Bronze Spiral Shotgun Brushes are unique, innovative, and effective. The Tornado style looped bristles are made from barrel safe phosphorous bronze and offer unsurpassed cleaning without any damaging side effects. These brushes offer an extended life span over standard wire bristle brushes and work great on stubborn plastic fouling. This is all about chemical selection guide.
  4. Have very similar result after 75 rounds of shouting this Slugs-Pleasure to shoot, removing lead was painfully But this brushes (Spiral Brush/Tornado)- specially did the Job perfectly, from Bore Tech Spiral + Wire + Jag + Patches + Bore Tech Eliminator.
  5. Carlson Dummy Shotgun Snap Caps https://www.choketube.com/accessories-product-details-R.php?Snap-Caps&mf=340
  6. hiend

    The SRO Tool

    Thanks, received. Great product.
  7. Thank you for responding. What about when you are cleaning guns, do you use cover to protect RDS?
  8. I will check dreamplastic definitely today, but any of you ever use or used Red Dot Optics Cover for any reasons?
  9. Thanks for your response. Yes, I am interested, if possible may I have a web link for Dream plastic cover? Thank you.
  10. Shoot around 500 rounds this that configuration do not experience any uncomfortable moment yet.
  11. Hello, Question, if anyone ever used Red Dot Cover when travel or cleaning Benelli. This one Cost $18.00 from Ben Stoeger Shop.
  12. IWC M4 Mount - Scout + Streamlight HL-X 1000Lum
  13. Received today and installed. Trijicon SRO2-C-2500002 + Scalarworks SYNC SW1100
  14. Nice đź‘Ť setup, Enjoy. mine just arrived today, got notified from UPS.
  15. Nice, same setup Trijicon SRO2 on SYNC/01 should come Fri 08/06/21. cannot wait.
  16. Try to get Trijicon SRO2 on SYNC/01 or on Scalarworks® Leap™ (SW0400) QD Have no experience to RD or mounts. What setup is better? And why some users saying that MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny rails on Benelli M4 no good. What about this setup? thanks for your help.
  17. Please let us know if opening center hall will work with Mesa Tactical Urbino Stock and please pictures before installation, thanks.
  18. Ask for Mitch from Mesa Tactical, Great man and very helpful. This is how looks mine.
  19. Some pictures, but not u-loops to the factory points on stock.
  20. Probably you right, to me this all new (Shotguns, Slugs) but I am really liked Tactical Muzzle Brake.
  21. Perfectly work for me, from day One I got my m4 its installed on it. I can shoot 150 + slugs with the great fillings and pleasure. Carlson's: model-84130, 50 Yards from hand.
  22. Enjoy your stock! I already received and switched the washer from Mesa Tactical to Nord Lock Washer.
  23. This exactly what you need Product Dimensions : 0.83 x 0.1 x 0.42 inches; 0.16 Ounces. Outside D-0.83"xTicknes T-0.1" Inside D-0.42" Amazon reference: Wedge Locking Washer Carbon STL Zinc Flake Coated Thru Hardened M10 Large O.D. 10 glued PRS/Pack Rockwell Hardness: M in 46 HRC Fits Bolt Sizes: M10, or 3/8 https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06XPF8K4V/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_image_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
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