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  1. https://freedomfightertactical.com/collections/m4/products/a-s-enhanced-trigger-guard-benelli-m4-922r-compliant
  2. Anyone know if the FFT A&S trigger guard will fit the Benelli M4-1014?
  3. Where might one find the aluminum trigger guard?
  4. How long does the E-form take to come back?
  5. Love the silver benelli's. They have one at my local bass pro. Thought about grabbing her!
  6. Just got my Sig Cross back from recall work.
  7. I wish they made something similar in demension to the oem with maybe a few mlok areas.
  8. Ammo shortage has now made its way to 12ga in my area. Hopefully it comes back in stock soon.
  9. Probably 100 shells into breaking it in.
  10. Amy recommendations for avenues to get a reduced trigger pull from the M4?
  11. The length of pull on that one position C-stock sucks for small folks. Couldn't shot the thing comfortably.
  12. No mechanical issues. It was just the standard american flag M1014 model. I had the 3 position buffer tube added, trigger pack assembly and follower added to make it 922r compliant and also the 7 round magazine tube.
  13. I agree! I debated going all out with it and adding a bunch of extras. I'm with you I like it mostly basic. I probably will eventually grab a 14" barrel and sbs her when I get some more money. Easy to swap barrels for some fun and added sexiness.
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