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  1. Not sure, but Benelli officially says no slugs for Modified choke. So far, I haven't heard problems from others. Personally, I switch to Cylinder choke when I shoot slugs, just for the peace of mind.
  2. M1014 comes with fixed Modified choke. Per Benelli's official statement, it shouldn't be used for slugs..... even though many people do shoot slugs with it.
  3. Did you change the OEM Modified choke to Improved Cylinder or Cylinder choke? Benelli says Modified choke shouldn't be used for slugs, even though many people think it's ok. Perhaps the specific slugs used are super sensitive to the choke.
  4. Just fill out your email for the notification there. That's how I got Botach's email and ordered one right away.
  5. Mesa changed the Truckee forend design recently. The one-piece receiver-end cap was changed to two pieces. Quoted from Mesa's email: "The new end caps were adjusted to provide a tighter lockup and to be much easier to install." So, you might want to get one from Mesa directly or wait a little bit for the new inventory to reach online stores.
  6. The supervisor of my local post office found a scanned image of the second package. There is no address on it, but only the tracking bar code! Still not sure about the first and third packages. Well, Mesa's sales finally replied and will send me the forth package via UPS. Maybe Mesa's people saw my post here and took actions. If so, thanks!!
  7. I asked. But Mesa isn't replying to me after the third USPS package got stuck. They probably think I am a trouble maker!
  8. Not sure if it's appropriate to ask here, but I will ask anyway. I was trying to get some parts from Mesa Tactical. For some unknown reasons, the package (via USPS) was suspended, returned to the sender, and then stuck in Mesa's Reno post office. Mesa sent me another package. The second package was suspended, returned to the sender, and stuck in Reno post office again. Mesa sent it one more time. The third package was suspended and stuck in my local office. All three packages are being held in the USPS and are not delivered to me or back to Mesa. The supervisor in my local office wasn't sure what's wrong, but guessed that the credit card in Mesa's USPS account expired and nobody renewed it. Now, I got stuck since Mesa's salesperson and his manager don't reply to me any more. Does anyone here have contact info of the Mesa owner or top management? Did anyone get the same problem recently? Thanks!!
  9. Hmm, I should buy another M4.... Thanks!!
  10. I just got an email from Botach. The Benelli M4 7-round tube (70052) is back in stock for only $70! I am not sure how Botach can cut down the prices, but was happy with my prior purchases. (I am not affiliated with Botach.) https://botach.com/benelli-70052-m4-full-length-7rd-magazine-tubes/
  11. How do you like the pattern on your M-Lok covers? Compared to other patterns? Thanks!!
  12. I just emailed and heard back from Mesa . Mesa will send me the new improved end cap for free!
  13. I didn't mean using duct tape on the outside. I meant adding a tiny stripe of duct tape as a plastic washer between the rear-end cap and the receiver. You can't see it from the outside.
  14. Wow, Mesa did change the rear-end cap to two pieces! I made the suggestion in my review on the 11" Truckee. It was harder to install with the one-piece rear-end cap. As for the wobbling, I added a tiny stripe of duct tape (2~3 layers) on the bottom of the read-end cap. It worked great.
  15. CAUS

    M4 weight

    My two cents on the weight: (1) keep it simple, (2) do more push-ups!!
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