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  1. @Four_Fifthplease check your messages... I’ve been trying to reach you and purchase this since 01/08, thanks.
  2. Looks like it may be the starting of a little surface rust to me. I would check your other guns, especially any blued ones you may have in the same safe. If the guns have grips on them, take the grips off and inspect under the grips for good measure. Here in Louisiana we've got enough humidity to go around and then some. I've seen stainless guns get surface rust without the proper control of the humidity around here. As terms of cleaning it, I would try brass wool/brush or maybe nylon brush with your favorite cleaner, solvent or CLP first and if that doesn't work the
  3. Yeah @M2_shootrsame here... mainly self defense and/or a range gun for me as well.
  4. Thank you @Gmcrigger2007... Yeah, I want to stick with a Trijicon sight if I can... the SRO looks like a good optic. I like the larger FOV, but that top loading battery cover concerns me a little.
  5. Thanks @M2_shootr, that does look nice! I saw somewhere on the web that someone made a mount for the Trijicon RMR that had the protective side fins on either side, but I can't remember who made it.
  6. Hello everyone... I just recently picked up my Benelli M4 (11707) last year as a late X-Mas present to myself. I had been doing plenty of research before the purchase and I ran across this forum, so I figured I would join since I am a owner now. I also just made a order to FFT for a few 922(r) goodies (FFT Forearm, FFT 7rd steel mag tube and FFT follower) along with a few other non-922(r) parts. I know I am going to have to wait on the mag tube, but I am ok with that. 😉 I'm thinking about getting a Scalarworks sync mount with a Trijicon SRO, but I am still undecided about tha
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