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  1. I wanted to check here first and see if anyone on here had one they would be willing sell me. If you have a 12ga, 6rd right side one for sale and take PayPal please send me a message, thanks. Pic's for reference.
  2. Well for me, I bought what I could get my hands on... knowing that I am going to upgrade to USA made parts on my M4 to be 922(r) compliant anyways.
  3. If you use the right velcro and battery holder, it shouldn't move much under recoil. If you could somehow attach it directly to be back of the buttpad itself, that may be the best way to do it. But this was just an idea I had and I wanted to run it by the masses here to get their thoughts.
  4. Yeah... I was thinking about something with industrial-strength velcro with a battery holder on one or both sides of the stock. I figured if I put anything on the top or the bottom, it may interfere with the way the buttplate attaches.
  5. Weird idea... but I wanted to pick some hopefully like minded brains about the idea. I picked up a urbino stock for my M4 recently. I got it installed and I really-really like it. I noticed it does have a little bit of a cavity on the inside of the stock and I was wondering if anyone has ever tried or considered using it as storage? I was thinking about a semi-permanent solution to store a spare 18650 or at least a couple of CR123's for a weapon light. What say yea?
  6. Yeah, that’s what I had planned on doing on my M4 before I dropped any more monies, at least on a optic and/or mount. Go shoot the thing and adjust the rear sight if need be. I don’t mind running irons on my M4, just weighing my options at the moment and I figured I would try to get some feedback before I start setting back monies to proceed. Even though it may look like it, this is XS’s standard size dot and not their big dot. If the XS doesn’t work out for me... I’ll just toss the stock sight back on and regroup. 😏
  7. That is something that concerns me is to have to much going on in my sight picture. I’m kinda new to the red dot game, I just bought a MRO for my Ruger PCC... but I don’t have that much trigger time behind it yet. I just didn’t want to get confused with the two different dots. But if I am comfortable with the way it shoots with the XS front sight I could just zero the dot in with the orange dot and be good to go I presume, right? Totally noob question I know, but I’m still learning, so don’t beat ma up too bad, (><)!
  8. Would it be possible to raise my rear sight height up to compensate? If I read your response correctly it sounds like me installing this XS front sight has now turned my M4 with a hold over “combat” style sight picture to where I have to hold the front dot over what I want to hit, correct? I am not a huge fan of this type site picture if that’s the case. I do want to at least give them a shot and take them to the range first before I get a red dot on there to see how it does. I love the fact that the site collects light and stores it temporarily around the tritium insert. Sucke
  9. That’s something to consider... I didn’t mention this before but the XS sight I installed is noticeably taller than the stock Benelli front sight. By how much, I didn’t measure, but it does sit up higher and I know I’m going to have to adjust it some when I take it to the range because it’s POA and POI is going to be different since swapping the front sight out.
  10. Yeah, the RMR does seem to be a little more rugged and robust in that category. My main concern was having a good clear field of view.
  11. I picked up my brand new Benelli M4 (11707) back in December and I have been buying and installing upgrades for it along the way when I have had some extra monies to do so. I really want to get a SRO with a sync mount but I had a question about my front sight and running a red dot. I recently installed a orange outlined XS dot front night sight on my M4. I was wondering if anyone else is running this kind of front site with a RMR/SRO or any other type of red dot setup and had any issues picking up the red dot over the front sight in certain lighting conditions if any at all?
  12. Here is a great option from FFT, albeit a little on the expensive side... but comes with many mounting options for your M4 out of the gate. Urban ERT Premium U.S.A.-Made Sling Kit – Freedom Fighter Tactical I hope you find what you are looking for @RUDY850.
  13. I will take this if your still have it @AfterGlo, PM sent.
  14. @Four_Fifthplease check your messages... I’ve been trying to reach you and purchase this since 01/08, thanks.
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