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  1. https://botach.com/benelli-m1014-limited-edition-12-gauge-3-18-5-black-5-1-semi-auto-shotgun/
  2. I've been off this forum for early a year but I'm enjoying catching back up. Not sure what the M4's are going for these days but the below models from Botach are $ 1,699 and $1,750 respectfully. https://botach.com/benelli-m4-18-5-12ga-shotgun-5-1-w-pistol-grip/ https://botach.com/benelli-m1014-limited-edition-12-gauge-3-18-5-black-5-1-semi-auto-shotgun/ ATB, Birdog
  3. Rubicon - Check out the link above. I think there is an SD tutorial in there as well.
  4. Not posting this to question anyone's opinions or $anity regarding a folding stock -- just wondering about its utility and if that's the reason for the overwhelming demand. Is it because that's what the M4 is supposed to come with -- it makes the gun complete? Weight savings? Cool factor or do some shooters find adjusting the length-of-pull fits them better? Living in Rep of Cali I can't use a folding stock so I have not experience with it. My 11707 did come equiped with a 3 position receiver tube, so if we ever re-join the Union and the prices come down I may get one.
  5. I used to flip the gun over and hold it with my left hand and load with my right. After 10-11 rounds fired the barrel was hot, but not too hot to hold while recharging the mag tube with another 10 rounds. I've learned better. Now I keep my right hand grip on the stock and just rotate the gun so the loading port is upright (or nearly so). The butt of the stock stays wedged in my armpit for a stable grip. I then load with my left hand - similar to replacing a mag in a pistol or AR. When loading is complete, my right hand is already in its proper position and I just rotate the gun upright and against my shoulder while re-affirming the proper left handed grip on the fore end.
  6. AM -- Eating healthy I see!
  7. Agree with SD. My experience has been that the A&S pins for the safety are pretty darned snug.
  8. Dude, you're killing me! I just spent the last 2-3 hours looking at the Genesis Gen-12!
  9. Do a search on this forum for Aimpoint T-2 and you'll get a lot of hits that discuss this topic. There are also spaces that can be used in combination to raise up your optic if desired.
  10. Though I have Vang Comp's carrier on mine, I think you'd be happy with either. Vang Comp uses a plastic plate attached with hardware to the receiver with Velcro attached (glued?) to the plate. The shell carrier then has Velcro backing sewn-on as well for attachment. There are no "plate" options for the M4, only for Mossy and Remmy. I bought a spare carrier ($20) and used 3M adhesive backed Velcro to glue it directly to the receiver. I cut a hole in the Velcro for the receiver/trigger guard pin. It looks like Esstac uses the same attachment method as I used above, only theirs is cheaper and they will sell you the Verco as well!
  11. It's pretty easy. Just remove the BCG and trigger assembly then unscrew the current stock from the receiver extension (buffer tube). The field stock will screw onto the receiver extension -- no tools required. The challenge will be to get the new stock perfectly lined-up against the receiver as you tighten it down so the trigger guard will drop into place easily. The butt pad can be swapped out by using a medium size Phillip's head screw driver inserted into the fine slots in the butt pad. The screws will remain captured in the pad. You might want to use a little Vaseline or spit on the screw driver head to make insertion easier. That last line is good advice for many applications!
  12. Yeah, I see that now. Just enough to get over the fiber and stainless mating, I guess. I remember on another post you mentioning how the follower could hang-up right at that crucial point -- the last shell in the tube I'd imagine. Briley states that the follower was designed for 3-Gun where deep and aggressive loading port reduction (see their pictures) can remove a portion of the mag tube fitment to the receiver, thus allowing a much shorter follower to cant off the axis of the mag tube as the follower is not fulling supported 360 degrees after the last shell is expended from the mag tube. A longer follower keeps things aligned. That made sense to me as it seems like a short (OEM) follower might jam a little bit if its canted in the mag tube during speed re-loads. Then again, call me Rosanna, Rosanna, Danna!
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