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  1. How do you like the "pistol grip" on your AR? I've got the Thordsen stock and I find manipulating the ambi safety switches almost impossible without changing my grip. Assuming you made your stock non-adjustable.
  2. I'm with you. Since changing out the mag tube from OEM to Nordic Comp to FFT to Carrier Comp, I have never used loctite. Hand tight works for me, but I check it during reassembly to make sure it remains tight. Then again, I don't use the mag tube spring retaining clip either, I just let the barrel locking nut do the work of keeping the spring in the mag tube (always wear safety glasses (or close your eyes?) when dicking with that mag spring!). That makes it easier to run a dry swab-its down the mag tube on occasion to remove any dust or dirt. No lubing the in the mag tube or on the spring
  3. Birdog19

    Some R&D

    According to Freedom Fighter Tactical, these are the parts listed by the BATF for achieving 922(r) compliance when you decide to "mod" the gun to increase shell capacity. To learn more, go their website and select "Learn" or "Videos" from the top menu. Videos are long but informative. Receiver Barrel Bolt Bolt carrier Gas piston Trigger housing*^ Trigger*^ Hammer*^ Disconnector*^ Buttstock (with integral pistol grip)*^ Forearm/handguard (forend)*^ Magazine body*^ Follower*^
  4. RAIII - Thanks. I do not have the C-Stock weight as I live in Commifornia where a functional C-Stock would be prohibitive. There's a good chance someone reading this post could provide that data. Sorry!
  5. Briley's website is kind'a cryptic and just requires a lot of exploring. You've got to hit all their pages and do searches to get the full gist of what they have and what they can do for you. I was all over their website several months ago but I still see guys posting Briley links that I hadn't discovered. Downloading their different gunsmithing/3-Gun price lists provides some good insight. I hope Briley is listening here. Hell, maybe it's just me getting old and cranky! Damn COVID lockdown.
  6. Damn Bro, CT is worse than CA?! Sorry. Field stock.
  7. Milspec - I've got to ask (after re-reading this thread several times looking for the answer), what state do you live in? If it's Cali, I'm not aware of any limitations on capacity beyond the limit of 10 rounds in the tube. I'm not including the 922r compliance issues here. For a shotgun, you can't have BOTH a pistol grip AND a collapsible stock. Since Benelli collapsible stocks come with a pistol grip, it satisfies BOTH of the evil features in Cali. You can have either the pistol grip or field stock versions with increased capacity if you maintain 922r. I've read some posts rece
  8. This is my understanding as well. If you have a fixed stock (either pistol grip or field stock) you need to replace 3 parts if modifying the gun to maintain 922r compliance. If you have an OEM collapsible stock, or change the stock to OEM collapsible, you will need to change 4 parts to maintain compliance. Hmmm, I think I just repeated what Evolution just said... FFT has a few videos on the issue here: https://freedomfightertactical.com/pages/fft-videos
  9. Senior Chief - I agree with the others above, Scalarworks with an RMR is what I am running I think it is about perfect!
  10. Am now realizing just how important a sling is on any long gun. I did some searching on prior posts and thanks to members like Evolution, Seve Rose, Mickey d, GlenM and others I am off the races. The purpose of this post is to solicit any further suggestions for slinging my M4 with conventional and pistol grip stocks (no collapsible stocks here in Cali). I'm ordering a padded Blue Force Gear sling with sewn-in QD hardware on the front and back ends of the sling. That will take care of the front attach point using the IWC light mount. I plan to attach the sling to the right side of th
  11. Sorry for the spam to those that have seen this doc before. Morris - Your results may vary but the spreadsheet reflect weights and thus decision points for me adding/changing and taking away of accessories. M4 Accessory Weights (4).xlsx
  12. I give Unlimited Arms a thumbs-up as well. Ordered a few items 1.5 months ago when no one else had items in-stock. Best price I could find on in-stock items and good shipping. Also ordered the charging handle from BOTACH and they defied their poor reputation with good price and fast shipping (I was surprised)!
  13. Below items are my soft rankings based on my experience of the benefits and cost (low to high): 1. GG&G Bolt release (currently out of stock). 2. TTI Shell Lift/Carrier. 3. Scalarworks SYNCH Mount -- Replaces your pic rail (saves a little weight) and co-witness your RMR and ghost ring sight. 4. Oversized Safety. 5. LimbSaver Butt Pad -- Honestly I didn't feel the same reduction in recoil that others have, but I've been told I have no feelings!. 6. Open Up the Loading Port -- Briley does this and so does Stranger Danger. 7. NP3 Coating on all the int
  14. Great range report! Has anyone taken a shotgun course at Front Site? I've completed their 4-day defensive handgun class and it was good training. I've posted the attached before and hopefully it is helpful for those seeking weight reduction as this thread mentions. The "Reduction/Addition" columns reflect what I have changed out since I first added all the accessories to the gun. Such as, getting rid of the Mesa side saddle for a Vang Comp and replacing the Nordic 7 round mag tube with a CC tube. Weights of other components like handguards really helped me decide to stay with th
  15. Nice pictorial - tutorial!
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