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  1. One-Up on ya' Tycoon. For 10 clams plus 3.95 for shipping, I had to give it a go.
  2. Sonyman - You did indeed purchase the wrong extension nut. It took a while for me to find this page on the NC site, but if you go to: https://nordiccomp.com/mxt-fit-guide/ it will give the option to choose the correct length of mag tube and what nut you will need for an M4. The nut you'll need is the: 12 Gauge Benelli Nova/Supernova, Beretta and CZ Extension Nut. Ain't it nice how there is no mention of M4 in the description?!! NC's website has always been difficult to navigate and their current SKUs no longer match what I bought 5 years ago...so it definitely takes some inner Inspector Clousea to find things for the M4. They no longer sell direct which is also a bummer. Good luck, Birdog
  3. That is how I am set-up. Carrier Comp 7-round tube with a Nordic Components extension to get me to 10+1. The color match of the NC 3-round extension isn't great, but I'm not running he gun in a beauty contest! NC website can be a little confusing but if you call them, they are very helpful.
  4. What about the effects on the trigger and firing pin springs if left cocked and loaded as a HD weapon? I've read some older posts on the subject of spring compression and fatigue through compression cycles and wondered if anyone that provided their experience a few years back has any new or different thoughts on the subject.
  5. Jet - Looked at Euro Optics and they no longer carry them. Check these out: https://www.midwestgunworks.com/benelli-m4/standard-stocks.html SOLD OUT $130 https://www.benelliparts.net/store/p33/Factory_Benelli_Standard_M4_Shotgun_Stock.html $250 $250 for this stock is steep but I don't see any sellers popping up, only hearing crickets. Keep fishing, I've purchased the same stock on this forum for much less. ATB, Birdog
  6. Headache? Yeah, true that, but always fun to be tinkering and measuring and seeing what you guys say and suggest and buying calipers for $25 and attempting to give feedback to a vendor that is trying to fill a niche market with a quality product. All good and thanks for the assists.
  7. Alright, let's kill this thread!!!! Thanks Jolly for the offer, I bought some calipers from the Big River Store in South America and did a little examination. OEM trigger guard hammer bushing (pin) hole diameter: 0.2365" A&S trigger guard hammer bushing (pin) hole diameter AFTER sanding the lugs and removing the anodizing: 0.230" A&S was pretty responsive considering I was emailing them over the holidays. Fred Snyder from A&S called me after seeing my measurements and commented that the holes should be 0.236. He sent me a new TG and asked that I return the original purchase for his inspection. I just swapped-out the parts and all is well. Quite well. The Safety Spring Retainer Pin was pretty tight, but no worries when I snugged the TG in a vice for more precise work. The Hammer Bushing (I like that better than Trigger Bushing) slid into place easily and as expected. Function checking the trigger, disconnector and hammer all went as expected -- in and out of the gun (though I have not fired it yet). Bottom Line: A&S gave great support and is looking into what may have caused the problems in their tooling or anodizing....if any. Thanks All, and to All a Good Night! P.S. I broke one of my Golden Rules...Do a search for your M4 issues on this forum before posting a new topic and asking questions!
  8. I'll go $275!!!! Sorry, not to make fun, I just had to out-do the Jolly One!
  9. I'm gonna lose my Man Card by admitting this, but I shoot mostly bird shot while busting clays or during 3-Gun with my M4. Cheap WallyMart Winchester or Federal 1 1/8 oz. No. 8 shot, 3 dram at 1200 FPS. Out of several thousand rounds, I can only remember one failure to cycle during a run. I'm not sure (or remember) the extent of the failure -- failure to eject or feed or both, because I just did a quick manual cycle of the bolt and got back to business. Also don't remember if I ejected a live or spent round when I cycled. So, bottom line I'd say you won't have any appreciable problems with cheap target loads.
  10. Wild Bill - 9" Nails brings up a good point and having reviewed the different products mentioned here, I think you need to ask yourself how you want to configure your M4. I run an RMR red dot with Scalarworks mount that replaces the OEM pic rail. It's lighter and co-witnesses well with the ghost ring sight. In choosing your mount, do you want to co-witness with your Aimpoint or have a higher mount that you can look under to use the ghost ring site? None of the LaRue T661 mounts appear to offer a co-witness or allow you to use your ghost sites at all. NineInch - Can you use your ghost sites with the Bobro low mount?
  11. A lot of good advice and techniques here. Figured I'd throw out a couple myself. - Shooting skeet is usually totally different than having a friend sling clays. On a skeet range, the clay will rarely be any further away than 25 yards; depending on which station you are shooting from, they could be much closer. Depending on where the thrower is standing, hand slinging clays is more like shooting trap where the clays don't have as much cross tracking rate but do fly away from the shooter pretty quickly. So, a modified choke maybe preferred based on the average distance from clay to shooter. - I like to stand with my supporting foot (left) slightly forward with my weight slightly forward. Feet a little more than shoulder width apart; knees slightly bent and slight bend forward at the waist. Think of it as a fighting stance. I'll flex my knees slightly (just a little bounce) just prior to the pull so I don't tighten-up. - The techniques I see above about keeping both eyes open and tracking through the clay and pulling the trigger when you intuitively think it's right is what I try to do. Keeping the barrel swinging is important but difficult. Most of us transition from swinging the gun to pulling the trigger without keeping the barrel swinging. It's like we can only do one thing at a time! Have your buddies critique you. - I am right handed but left eye dominant. What I try to do is keep both eyes wide open so I can acquire the clay as soon as possible and start swinging my barrel to bear. When my barrel approaches the clay I squeeze my dominant left eye down to a bit of a squint so my right eye is looking straight down the barrel. It seems to work for me and also for a buddy of mine with the same condition. - I usually shoot clays with an O/U 12 gauge with vent rib and front bead sight. On the other hand, the M4 has the ghost ring housing and sight that to me, just clutters my view as I swing into the clay. I wonder if that's why you started to do well when you shot your buddy's pump shotgun -- less clutter. You were able to learn the technique and carry it forward with your M4 -- awesome. - I would recommend googling-up some clay shooting websites to learn how the pros do it. In fact I need to do the same to re-calibrate myself! I would say breaking clays or wing shooting is one of those sports where the old adage, "Find what works for you and stick with it," does NOT really apply. You may adopt subtle changes based on vision, body type, aches and pains or gun type, but the overall techniques explained by those members here do not really differ from one another. - I found that I was pretty decent while out shooting clays with my buds but never really "good" because I was not doing it right. Only after doing some reading and adopting and training to the proper techniques did I start to hit around 20 of 25 (or better.., or worse!). I did go 25/25 once in my life! Got'a love what L/S/B said: "Sound advice - if you're making mistakes, and they go uncorrected, you'll just keep on making them and get pissed-off." An old adage recounts: "If you carry on doing what you're doing, you're gonna carry on getting what you're getting". Nothing better than smoking a clay and having it turn into a flak-burst!
  12. Check out the link below. Scalarworks' LEAP mount is more expensive than the LaRue but a bit lighter. Their website provides good detail and their quick disconnect, while not a throw lever like LaRue, looks pretty convincing. https://scalarworks.com/shop/quick-detach-mounts/leap-01/
  13. Thanks Jolly! Appreciate the thought and the effort!
  14. I sent them an email via their website and mentioned that I received some feedback on this forum with others that have installed their TG. We'll see what they say. And, thanks! Comparing holes and pin sizes..., I think you're on the wrong website 🤣 Ha! I appreciate the offer but my wife won't let me have digital calipers!! Maybe I should go get some anyway. Yes, the bushing in question is the one you have highlighted above (arrow). Thanks for the offer and the assist. I might just go get me some of those calipers.
  15. 'Spec - As I recall, you swapped to an A&S TG within the last few months, right? Agree, the safety pin was stupid tight, yet you had no problem with the trigger bushing? I wonder if their anodizing process is adding too much thickness in certain areas (holes)? I'm no expert on the subject!
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