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  1. Yes, bought it from the seller on eBay. I do not believe they are affiliated with Briley. Here is what they told me. “Hi, the factory confirmed (AFTER ALL THE DELAY) that there was a length issue. Can we get another out with a call tag, or do you want a refund?”
  2. I bought mine from seller allthingschokes and they suucked. no communication and slow to ship. Hopefully your experience is better.
  3. The little black piece that keeps the spring in? yes it fit. You need a snap ring pliers to squish it.
  4. It is. Yeah I ordered it in March and final showed up today. time to wait some more.
  5. It is threaded on both ends.
  6. That’s what I’m thinking. Been on order for a month. Sending it back. booo
  7. Midwest gun works had em a month ago. Sign up for alerts.
  8. So I ordered a Briley full length CF tube. But it’s too short when the barrel is installed. I don’t know what’s going on here. Is the one shot extension required? Pic of gap
  9. Thanks everyone. That CF tube is so sexy.
  10. New to the m4. Who do y’all like for a tube extension? any other must have upgrades?
  11. A lot of these coming on the market at the moment. Demand may be waning.
  12. How do you keep it from rattling?
  13. I concur with Nocturnal nature. The follower isn’t likely to resolve your issue.
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