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  1. My dealer has on like 1800 and they ship
  2. It sold pretty quick .Was new for $225
  3. Supply and demand .And if you want it that bad now .People will pay up
  4. Easiest way is to have a benelli dealer call in a order for one.And see what they say .See if they say restricted to leo only
  5. That’s why I won’t be shocked one on eBay sells for over a grand
  6. Get a benelli dealer to order you one thats all.And wait it out
  7. Heck I’ve shot with Leo’s and never was questioned on mine .
  8. It’s supply and demand .If people want to pay a premium to have them they be for sale.I have a few I might they on there too
  9. If you sell stock .Ebay it .There bringing close to $700 these days
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