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  1. Was mounted in nice shape $500 obo one scuff by 18 i took pic of it
  2. I’ll have two forsale later on these week.They Wont be cheap thou
  3. dsa arms sells a nice one that i bought http://www.dsarms.com/prodinfo.asp?number=BT21458
  4. I have a surefire scout on mine.$200 on ebay
  5. I just bought a gg&g handle.Will the mag release fit easy on it? what about a good mount for a surefire scout light? And any other items.I have a benelli +2 tube on it
  6. I thought it was a good deal.I think the dealer stole it off the seller more.is the +2 anything to look out for putting it on?
  7. I bought camo m4 today from a local dealer.That got it in trade never shot.Person didn't like camo.For $1000 otd.I just bought a factory +2 for it for $200.Seem like a good deal? and idea on what sling to use on it?.Will the +2 tube go right on it?
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