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  1. Ive ran a T pro forend without and no problems
  2. If your worried about a m4 weight.You should have bought a m4 sbr or 1301
  3. Yep not normal.Have ones with thousands thru them and no wear like that at all.Way it wearing dlc will wear eventually same place
  4. Never cared for the b&t rail.Id rather have the factory muilti rail
  5. Comes with three rail sections.$350 shipped
  6. Why would they have to make a thread protector if it’s internal choke for adapter
  7. Thanks looking forward to it someday.Theres a market maybe not as great as a 18 inch one
  8. Design one minus inches and beta test it to a sbs owner in the states
  9. I have two entrys now.Would never go back to a fullsize
  10. You got pic of factory front qd mount?.Think thats style im looking for my new built
  11. I sold one nib one a few weeks ago.Was asking 6k got $5500
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