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  1. Benelli sucks these days.I’ve had a new m4 entry on order thru a Benelli dealer for over a year and half .Contacted there customers service department.Said they would look into it .Got no we’re or a real answer.So I had to buy a used entry .And new m4s that been coming thru local shops these days there quality has sucked
  2. They make a difference.I’ve ran stock Benelli ones for years
  3. Every cableas use to have Aton of them for sale
  4. If anyone needs one.Was like $93 shipped to us https://www.sjhardware.com/product/turknelli-collapsible-but-stock-m4-clone/ There not Benelli quality forsure.Cheap alternative
  5. We’re you get a complete grip for $200.Mine I got from freedom was a grip and housing for $200 with no guts.
  6. I run surefire tailcaps never had a problem.
  7. Only thing that sucks .Pistol grip needs a few parts like nut,pin.and other two pieces .Bought a takeoff butt at mydealer too.Pistol grip cost more then stock.Freedom fighter was only place I found pistol grip
  8. All a Leo dealer does is call rep and place orderI It comes down to if they want too really .Even a direct Benelli dealer can place a order for anything.Leo Kinda gets orders filled better
  9. I don’t know why you guys just don’t order one from a Benelli leo dealer.Then mess with that Benelli parts anyways. And there waiting bs .And paying up for one
  10. Benelli shipped abunch to Leo dealers that had orders placed already
  11. Heck my clone tube spun off by hand
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