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  1. Nope no steel pin there .there’s a pin in top .I took out
  2. When it in a notch without pushing in button you can twist it left
  3. Can push button and pull it back straight that’s the problem .my other m4s go they way you say .Like I said holding button you can pull off the whole way .While holding button in .Gun had three extensions slots
  4. I bought a used m4 .But will you pull stock all they way back holding button.Stock comes straight off .Does catch in positions .When it fully extended you can turn it left easy
  5. Heck a few went 1200 to 1000
  6. Just bought a entry for under that .Going to do paperwork tomorrow on it
  7. Payed about $300 to much on it thou .Ones at nicks were 1799 a few weeks ago
  8. That’s still a high price about $300 over what it should be
  9. Heck mydealer was told by there Benelli rep.Not to expect anything m4 there way intell early 2021
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