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Everything posted by rubicon20032003

  1. I’ve changed stock,all trigger parts and mag tube ,and night sights .All with Benelli factory parts so far .
  2. Seen one on ar15.com for 450
  3. Shot 150 buckshot and slugs today .Ran fine not one problem
  4. Thanks.Like I said I have extra a&s housings ,tango grips and stocks and 7 shot tubes.So figured misewell use them on something.It seems decent.For the money
  5. Anyone know what size bit and tap is needed to install Any place do it I could send and pay .I can takeout and install
  6. Had so many extra m4 parts thought I’d build one.Buddie gave me at cost
  7. Nice entry setup .I had a question.What’s label thing on side of it
  8. Thanks for info and pics that helps Aton
  9. Yes it’s complete ..Just was missing front half
  10. Thanks was worried I won’t be able to find nut.See the real part number is a Leo one for nut
  11. Thanks I found a takeoff rear collapsible stock for $40 at local shop .So I ordered these pieces from freedom fighter .Never thought there won’t be a nut in grip already .So like $350 I got a complete stock now
  12. Anyone have a idea we’re to get one?or what size and thread nut is part 119
  13. Anyone ever swap one out?if so any tips?Looking like use snap ring pliers to get c clip out.And what pull out and put new one in?
  14. Nice I just did paperwork on other police trade in entry
  15. I don’t have a clue what your talking about freedom tactical shit
  16. Cause there more of them made to be compliant in some states .That’s why Cant you figure that out on your own?.And the 7+1 are kinda suppose to be Leo models .And is Kinda on the line being sold to non Leo’s
  17. You can look on there site .Not real hard to figure out if you can use a search button .Think people buy what they can get now or in there area that’s why
  18. Need a entry in that group
  19. So whats purpose of these post ?think everyone knows all that already .Or can figure that out
  20. Man wonder how many these guy buy to flip
  21. If I was a mod he would be out of here.That’s pretty low
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