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  1. Thank you for the link to the post. I will try to contact him. Mike
  2. Besides the $200 ATFE Tax Stamp, is there a recommended gunsmith that can do a 14" barrel cut, re-position the front sight, and refinish? Also, where can I find an extension tube to fit this conversion?
  3. Benelli M4 (of course) FN PBR XP .308 Sniper Rifle Colt 6920 LE Carbine Colt 6920 LE M4 Carbine HK MP5K PDW HK USP/LEM Compact 40
  4. I went back and reviewed some older posts about venting issues. A more recent post concerned the screw issue which im dealing with now. What other issues are out there about the B&T M4 Rail System? Besides the Surefire M80, what are the other options for a forend rail system?
  5. Just bought a B&T Forend Quad Rail for my Benelli M4. Everything looked good until I tried to install it. Apparently, Benelli did some design changes to the barrels on the new M4s so you are now required to remove six threadlocked hex screws to separate the upper rail from the main assembly. I applied about 15 minutes of high heat to lossen the threadlocker, tried and it did not budge. Again applied the heat to try it again. This time stripped the hex screw head. I did not try the other screws and promptly sent the rail back to DSArms. I asked them if they could remove the upper rail. If they will, I will not request a refund. Anyone else have a similiar problem with this product?
  6. The choke on my M4 also is the stock choke. I am curious if I can fire a slug with the choke attached?
  7. Do have to take out the choke to fire a rifled slug in an M4?
  8. New owner to the M4 and new to the forum. Wondering where I can purchase the military/law enforcement telescopic stock to replace the standard stock.
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