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  1. Agreed with this mod suggestion, and its not hard to install either!
  2. Wow, I'm impressed. I'm not sure if there is any disadvantage to extra weight and length of the gun?
  3. By the way, if I bought a standard stock MR1, can I still place a collapsible stock on later?
  4. Thats for that link....I'd like to see someone or the aftermarket manufacture a threaded barrel for the MR1....so that perhaps an AR15A2 style birdcage flash suppressor can be screwed on.
  5. Interesting....is there a way to put a threaded barrel on the MR1, and screw on a flash suppressor?
  6. Tonight I've installed my FFT disconnector and red anodized follower into my M4. It wasn't hard at all to install. So now I have 3 compliant US made parts: 1) FFT follower 2) FFT disconnector 3) Geissele Hammer
  7. Fine tune the FFT hammer? I installed my Geissele hammer last night, took less than 5 minutes....I followed the instructions and did the cycle test and everything is legit... Can I use the Geissele hammer with the FFT Trigger and disconnector without any issues?
  8. Mr. Shotgun

    Benelli MR1

    Good question, I was thinking of getting one also.
  9. Mr. Shotgun

    M4 Porn

    Nice M4's I'm jealous!
  10. wow, congrats, happy to see they've improved their quality control
  11. Very well written! I might steal your letter with your permission =)
  12. Reduced recoil loads are hit or miss in my M4... some rounds cycle, some don't and jam up...
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