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  1. Hi, These stock are available in the USA on Gunbroker, you will pay $400.00 to $450.00 for them. Greg
  2. Hi, I have a collapsable stock for the Super Nova 12 guage and was wondering if this will fit on the Benelli MR1? Can you even put a collapsable stock on the MR1? Thanks. Greg
  3. Hi, I had an older SuperNova a while back and had to get rid of it but still have the Benelli Collapsable stock and was wondering if all Supernovas can take the stock. I was in Dick's sporting goods earlier in the week and they had three supernovas for $449.00 each, seems like a real good price, just kinda wondering if all SuperNovas have the rod in the stock to be able to take the collpasable stock. Thanks. Greg
  4. Hi, I have a Benelli SuperNova Tactical and was wondering if anyone know's if I can put a quad rail on it? Thanks. Greg
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