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  1. Who am I kidding? I guess I need to buy an actual M4 before I ask how much a choke is for it. That seems like a good deal to me. Thank you.
  2. That looks great, I looked on the web site . I couldn't find a price how much?
  3. If you buy the dummy rounds or snap caps that are almost totally plastic. Then I wouldn't cycle them through your gun. After using mine a few times on my Nova. I noticed that the plastic edges on the rounds had pieces broken off of them. Hopefully they are not wedged anywhere in the action of my gun. Just a heads up.
  4. Neither does mine, that is why I am asking if the SN fore end will fit the Nova?
  5. I can handle the lack of parts, one piece stock, ect. The only thing that truly bothers me, is the way the foreend is loose. I just bought my first supernova, I have a nova also. Does anyone know if the Supernova fore end will fit on a nova,and if so will it fix the foreend nova giggle? Thank you in advance everybody?
  6. Hookster you are a gentleman and a scholar, Thank you I will give it a try.
  7. I know this is off of the subject, but Benelli's Paint or decal has amazing detail!! Has anyone ever seen how it is done? Is it like laser engraving??? Anyhow your Suber Black Eagle 2 looks awesome...
  8. It won't budge, It goes Probably a half an inch. I can hear all of the bunched up spring in sounds like its bound up in the extension.. Do you know if the stock spring will work?
  9. I have a Benelli Nova 12g with a +2 mag ext. on it. Only five 2 3/4 inch rounds will fit in the mag tube and ext. I was told that the much longer mag spring was used. The one that came with the extension. If I remember right , the mag, spring that came with the extension was not perfect, or had kind of a kink in it, Should the original spring be used? Or can it be used or will it not be strong enough? Oh yeah the gun is 18 or 18 1/2 inches long. Thank you in advance
  10. Thank you everyone, I just sent a money order for one off of Gunbroker this morning, I hope to get it by next weekend, It had a Buy Now of $340 with $25 shipping. It stated that it was lightly used. it also comes with a tac star mag ext. I am curious I talked to the guy on the phone. I was told that he has put 500 rounds through it. Is that light use for a shot gun? How often do the mag springs need to be changed. I am planning on buying a mesa tactical rail/side saddle either 4 or 6 for it. I just want to see what kind of condition it is in before I order it.
  11. Wanted Exchange Student for USCSP (United States Collapsible Stock Program)
  12. I would buy one. I was wondering if the stock is interchangeable with the m2,m4. but I guess it is kind of a moot point if it is only available in Europe. I wonder if Benelli would ever consider shipping therm over here. When I purchased my Nova H2O some years back. It took me several months to find a Nickel Mag Ext from a Benelli dealer. I am under the impression that pump shotguns don't fall under the 922r . So would the Collapsible stock make a difference?
  13. Can we buy these in the US? Anyone know anything about this Price?This could be a poor boys Polish M4:D
  14. Does anyone know where to get the best deal on a Supernova Tactical . The one with the Pistol Grip and the Ghost Ring sights. Thank you in advance. William
  15. I want one of those I guess is that a surefire fore end on your m4 is that a laser or a light or both.
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