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  1. Ha! HK you're going to have to find another product to exploit. And, regardless of your interpretation of their packaging..like KB said it must be enough to satisfy some requirement.
  2. I have to ask....Did you remove the spring retaining washer from the factory magazine?
  3. I've got a used Benelli OEM 2 round extension I'll sell you for $80.00 shipped.
  4. I encountered the same dilemna, I bought both. The Pelican case is a monster made by a Pelican affiliate, Casecruzer. Its a 2N2 Gunpod, while its bulky and expensive it handles everything for a long trip and well worth it when you consider the value of its contents when fully loaded. I agree with KB, the 5.11 case could be a bit more refined but for the price, construction, and backback style straps it works a **** of alot better than a blanket for short trips. You can get a fair price on the 5.11 cases through Opticsplanet direct or through their Ebay store and maybe get free shipping. GL
  5. There is no accuracy standard, its all you. Thats like asking whats the standard time for a 30 year old male that weighs 160 lbs to run a mile, all speculation or opinions are suitable answers for a vague question.
  6. Thanks for mentioning your barrel length but that is of zero relevance to the trigger function. You can try polishing trigger parts one by one if you desire a more precise and lighter trigger pull. Of course polishing one piece at a time, reassembling, test firing, and only repeating the process if a lighter pull is desired after polishing each piece.
  7. I've been using an OE 2 round extension for years and recently upgraded to a full length tube from SOCOMguy for $50.00, shipped. There are other higher priced alternatives made from titanium but I could not see the value in spending over $200.00 on a $1400.00 shotgun just to add two rounds.
  8. Received mine today, thanks Joe. Excellent quality
  9. Numrich www.gunpartscorp.com http://www.gunpartscorp.com/catalog/Detail.aspx?pid=981710&catid=10315
  10. Payment complete.....got one of the last ones.
  11. S_Fan, This thread will get deleted and your new name will get banned too......maybe me too for posting a response. I recently got the boot from some upity moderator on a car forum that did not like some of my comments because they were not positive or constructive, I disagreed and started a thread poking at the moderators thin skin. Needless to say, by the next morning I was no longer welcome there. For the record, I told someone that they shouldnt be tinkering with their car if they dont know what they're doing and have to start internet threads of discussion for basic how-to knowledge........and when you f-up, the warranty does not repair that. I thought that was constructive...lol.
  12. This topic has been beaten to a pulp many times and there are plenty of threads already discussing every nuance of 922r. Please search, there is alot of good info and other ATF letters for you to cross reference.
  13. Well if you really own a SBS M4, go get some different ammo and targets and see what YOU come up with. That would be a far better way to answer your question than round up opinions and speculations on a forum.
  14. Nobody cares where you hide or if you're running scared, just letting you know that some of us think you're a donkey because you don't get the hint of how you should conduct yourself here. Were you that annoying guy on USS Austin that thought you were laughing with the group when the group was really laughing at you?
  15. 21, that M3 looks brand new...good find. I've only seen one for sale and it was a beater. Congrats on your new toy. Bello, have you learned anything in the past few weeks? Your CONSTANTLY NEGATIVE comments are not welcome here, if you instsist on negative commentary I suggest you find another forum to troll...
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