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  1. I have a brand new Benelli Small Shell Pouch. I accept Money Orders, Personal & Certified Checks, PayPal (Friend Pay). Please Email Me For Fastest Response: [email protected] Asking $42 Shipped
  2. This is a new in the box Benelli M4 Entry Short Barrel Shotgun 12ga. Comes with 14" barrel, 3 position stock, ghost ring sight. Buyer pays fist $200 transfer. I accept MO, Cashiers Check.All NFA Rules Apply$2,000 / SOLD
  3. Thanks for the info but I am in a holding pattern for about 5 months until my paperwork comes back from the ATF.
  4. What type of buckshot do you guys recommend for use with the Benelli M4 SBS 14" barrel as I have read that the Winchester Military bucjshot doesn't hold a good pattern. Any ideas?
  5. Can someone tell me the length of the picatinny rails on the Brugger & Thomet Benelli M4 Quad Rail Handguard - BT211510? Aslo, can the top rail be removed?
  6. It's not my dealer that has the high prices but guys like this http://onlythebestfirearms.com/miscnfa.html Also, can the 14" barrel be used with Door Breaching rounds?
  7. Can the 14" barrel be used with the Door Breaching ammo?
  8. How much is a 18" brand new Benelli M4 barrel worth?
  9. A M4 Fixed Stock SBS = $3,300 A M4 Collapsible Stock SBS = $3,800 + 14" M4 barrel = $900 According to my calculations it would be much cheaper to convert a $1,500 gun than drop over 3K +.
  10. Ok, I'm looking LEGALLY SBS my Benelli M4 with a 14" barrel and wanted to know after yes I get my tax stamp back from the feds what needs to be done about the magazine tube. I have been unable to find a magazine tube any were to work with the 14" barrel. Any ideas???
  11. If anyone is interested in it let me know.
  12. Anyone like the PatternMaster Extended Range Choke for SBE II? I got one for Christmas and really don't want it.
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