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  1. Hey thanks, glad a SME "chimed in" that thread was "bang on" great explanation, so I picked up a "newer" forend and problem solved. Thank You, Bravo Zulu!
  2. I have a very early HK M1, so I wanted to pick up a 14" entry barrel, however it seems that the barrel I'm looking at has a longer barrel nut lug, I was comparing both barrels 14" & 18.5" and the 14" has a longer lug, and the M1 forearm doesn't fit? So am I looking at a M2 14" barrel? and would a M2 forearm correct the problem? Thanks Maybe a pic will help? This is the M1 Super 90 barrel lug This is the what I think is the M2 barrel? or it could be a later M1 barrel?
  3. Roger that on the NFA rules, just wanted to clear up the interchangeability aspect. Thanks
  4. Here's the post on GB; http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.aspx?Item=252486138
  5. Are these barrels on GB drop in replacements for the factory 18.5" and will they fit a standard M4 shotgun that's for sale to civilians? The barrels on GB(14") are Benelli factory barrels Thanks
  6. Thanks for the "heads up" BTW Kip's is a G2G improvement!
  7. Well I replaced the factory charging handle, one thing that I'm curious about,are you able to turn the new charging handle in the bolt? is that normal? It doesn't spin but you can turn it?
  8. OK that makes sense, for some reason I thought they were in stock at the time of the order? Nuff said, thanks
  9. Well I purchased a Benelli charging handle, but have not had any shipping info? Is Kip still around? not answering phones or email normal?
  10. Well just a FYI, for ya. You have to be careful and refer to your M2 as a "sporting special" the Turkey variant. Why you say? The police versions are the M1Super 90, M2, and the combo M3 all prohib. I know this is stupid but gun laws are stupid, much like the people that make them. Just tell them at the border that you have a Benelli Sporting Special and you will be fine. Hope this helps? Cheers.
  11. Well after a late start due to work schedules, I'm off for at least one day. I'll be out hopefully every day next week. Anyway thought that I would share. I missed a year while in Afghanistan,funny, one of the small things about home that really makes you stop and think. Great Country of ours. Well wish me luck. Given the weather and the sunrises lately, turkey or not I'm still coming out ahead!!. Cheers.
  12. Buds you will have no problem:D(no pistol grip stock though) , in fact along as the OAL is 26" plus you can go with a 14" barrel. Its not a NFA item in Canada. Contact the CFC for more details. Mag limit of 2rds apply for hunting.
  13. Yea I have them too, just "battle scars" I guess.
  14. I've used mine on the controlled deer hunt, it will probably see some action Turkey hunting next spring.
  15. I just checked out my LaRue mount on my Benelli, no problems with the rail or the mount? I am finding it hard to believe the rail is not a 1913, this shotgun was designed for the Marine Corp? I would think that the rail would be a real 1913, to fit the accessories, since that was one of the guns selling features.
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