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  1. Depending on how you pattern, you might not be too far off. I pattern to see pellets in the brain and spine, meat shots dont count, and I pattern at an honest 40 yards, +/- 2 inches. Im shooting a Trulock 660 non ported in my SBE II, the best I have so far is 9 pellets from a Winchester 3 1/2 2oz copper #6 Supreme's. Check your POI. Start at 15, 20, 30, and 40 yards. Work your way back. I have come to understand those TV Miracle 65 yards shots are BS, not realistic, and unethical.
  2. ooops the title should have said Mudhen. I was drinkin, sorry-
  3. Mudhen and others: Have you had any success with hand load turkey loads? Im shooting a SBE II with a trulock .660. Ive tried Hevi13 #6's, Remington #6's and the winchester #6's all in 3 1/2 and one 3" Remington for load aspects but not been overly impressed with anything. Hevi 13 got me 8 pellets in the neck vitals, winchester 5, and all others 4 pellets and an honest 40 yards. Ive got 15 pounds of nickel plated 6 and buffer, and 3 1/2 inch hulls from goose season but wondering if its worth the time and effort.
  4. Ive got a black matte finish. Thats the only thing I dont like about my SBEII. It does rust if not well oiled. I use 15W-40:D, and regularly. When it gets more worn, ill get it dipped. In the mean time I like the evil black shotgun.
  5. I bought one for my SBE II, took some adjusting to get it to work right. I think there were some gaps between the extension tube and the normal tube. Once I got it working, works great. Matte black finish longevity is something to be desired. Also on mine, the ext tube sticks out passed the end of the barrel about 1/2". Its getting blasted by hot gas after every shot so dont mind a little marring. I used it on early resident goose season in MD. DNR picked a fight about it but I had all no tox shot and logged in for geese so.
  6. Ok here we go. Whats the lightest (reloaded) ammo anyone has shot out of a SBE II. Because of the cost of lead, I'm downsizing from 1 1/8oz sporting clay loads (STS Shells) to 7/8oz if possible, or 1 oz worse case. I figure because of the reduced payload weight, Im gonna have to pump up the velocity and hope she still cycles. The only thing I got going for me is at least 10k worth of shells wear in my gun over the past 2 years so shes loose like a prom date
  7. I use a slug gun to shoot snapping turtles in the summer
  8. Got one. Works like any other choke, nothing impressive
  9. Doves? You barely got a dove season? Your kidding right. I use those for duck hunting practices...
  10. Yeah, Public Land is every hunter for himself.
  11. I found a nice "honey" hole on public hunting land few know about, and fewer are willing to make the 2.6 mile trek in on foot. I got 2 last season "late" on the pond. Didnt seem to make a difference the next day and so on. I hope all are enacted. We will see. Tuck you in VA?
  12. The MD DNR website is currently showing the new 07-08 rules for goose hunting in early season. 8 per day, shooting times extended to 1/2 hour after sunset, and unplugged guns. I have a extension tube that will let my gun hold 11 2 3/4 shells. Sounds like MD wants us to lay down a barrage of anti goose fire. Any other states doing the same??? I think more than the unplugged guns, and the extended shooting limits, the 1/2 hour after sunset shooting times will make a whole world of difference.
  13. I beg to differ;) Dead is dead, be it by shotgun or rifle. It'll be .223 time in the fall. Save the SBE II for the geese:)
  14. Looks like you wounded his leg with that DC Shot Must have bled to death.
  15. Break down and get a red dot. Mounts to a Weaver 93 base. Use blue loctite. No regrets. 5 Turkeys might have regrets.
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