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  1. Nope, didn't have all the answers........that is why I came here. Didn't call anybody wrong, just took beef to you attacking my credibility. You don't know me, you were not here when I shot the gun, therefore, you have no right to attack my credibility as to whether or not it is true or untrue. As far as me ending up happy, I will. Thanks for the well wishes, I think? As far as you not buying into my "story"......glad that you doing this or not doing this doesn't effect my life and my quest to getting the $1500 gun (oops, did I say that again?) to shoot right! Best of luck to you an
  2. Really appreciate the vote of confidence on your part, not that I needed it anyway. Glad that I have finally found a great gun expert or should I say idiot to try and answer an honest question from an honest man. This question was never about my character or about whether or not I am trying to tell the truth; but about a gun that I paid hard earned money for, that is simply not working! For your information, if you would like it, I took this gun back to the gun shop this morning, they shot it, and found the same thing out that I am trying to tell you. They called Benelli and it is on the
  3. That is exactly what I am telling you. It is about 25 in the complete head and neck outline. And that was at MOST with the best shells. Most shells only gave me anywhere from 10 -15. Hate to disagree with you guys; but I think I have a problem with my gun. I took it back to my dealer; but they basically said that there was nothing that they could do. Can I call Benelli myself and will they talk to me?
  4. The gun is not shooting high or low, it is just spraying pellets everywhere. There is no consistency to the shot, whatsoever.
  5. My "kill zone" is from the top of the turkeys head all the way down to the base of his neck bone. It is a store bought target, one of the big ones. Actual shooting distance is 35 yards.
  6. With a Nitro shell that boast to put over 200 pellets at 40 yards, yes, you should expect it. Have a buddy of mine, that has the same set up. Benelli SBE II, Primos Jellyhead choke tube and a Nitro shell and he is getting well over 150 at 40 yards. So, yes it is possible.
  7. Guys, I am having a hard time and need some advice of some kind. I have a Benelli Super Black Eagle II and have loved the guy so far. Shot doves and ducks with it this year and it shot like a dream. But, I have been trying my hardest to pattern choke tubes out of it for turkeys; but to no avail. So far, I have shot a Primos Jellyhead, Rhino and a Kicks Gobblin Thunder out of it and both choke tubes have given me the same results. I am out of money with buying choke tubes and shells. This is a list of shells that I have shot out of it...... Winchester Extended Range Winche
  8. Primos Jellyhead Choke Tube..............what shell have you found that shoots best with this choke tube and a SBEII?
  9. yes, we got to start this morning. It was great fun! Hunted until about 9 this morning. Very hot here and didn't hunt this afternoon; but plan to be back on it Monday!
  10. Like I said in an earlier post this week; bought a brand new Benelli Super Black Eagle II. Took it dove hunting this morning and killed 6 out of 8. We didn't have a good flying morning; but seemed like I had a good lead on everything that flew by me. My accuracy improved greatly! Thank you Benelli for making such a quality product!
  11. Please enlighten me a little more on the "break in" instructions. Maybe I am missing something in the book; but I can't find anything that mentions it.
  12. Just bought the Super Black Eagle II today. 24 inch, shooting either 2 3/4, 3 or 3 1/2 inch shells. Which choke would you guys use for dove? Haven't dove hunted a lot; but I am looking forward to shooting quite a bit this fall and was wondering what you guys might recommend. Thanks, Scott
  13. Hey Guys.........newbie here! Just bought a Benelli Super Black Eagle II today and absolutely love it. Great investment. Can't wait to shoot at some dove with it this coming Saturday.
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