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  1. so what u r saying is that if i shoot 20s out of it it will kick the same not that i wood. but i have shoot the super nova 12 that my cuz has and it kicks no more then my 20 with out the comfortech. but is it not true that semis kick more then the pumps do? so can someone who has shoot bolth the super nova 12 and the sbe2 12 if they kick no harder or if the sbe2 kicks a lot more.
  2. i do not no what gun to choose. the sbe2 or the bereta exterema2 with the kick off. i am 15 and i have a nova 20. not the supper nova. witch dose not kick hard at all but i here the sbe2 kicks like a mule, so can give me some advise of how hard it kicks or if you think i can handle it. i have worked for 2 years now and i finely have the $$$$. i don't want to blow it!
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