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  1. Hey Guys! I have a quick question. I purchased a SBE II and noticed it shoots high. I have been used to shooting brownings and thought something was wrong with my gun. I took it back to the dealer and they said it was fine. I called customer service and they said it just needs to be properly shimed. So i took the stock off and pulled the shim that came on it off and it said DX on it. In the manual it shows 2 shims on it. I have shim A C Z. And the DX that came off of it. My question is the manual says the plastic DX shim is a deviation plate. Was it supposed to stay on or what. I installed the C shim. Also the manual shows a A B C Z shim and i don't have a B shim.
  2. RNT Daisy Cutter. Because of the NOT SO GREAT abundance of geese in nw tenn not much need in a goose call anymore lol
  3. If dove loads are a problem i hear wal-mart has some low recoil slingshots. i use them on turtles all the time.
  4. Does anyone know how to float a fourth shell in the SBE II or if it can be done? I could do it with my original sbe. Thanks
  5. I wonder if the unibomber likes the comfortech stocks?
  6. Hey tucker great advice! Slaying loggerheads is much easier now. Do you know what it cost to have a gun dipped at tarjac and is that where benelli gets them dipped?
  7. I purchased a black sbe II and now wish i had gotton the Advantage Max-4 camo. Anyone know the best place to get gun dipped?
  8. Hey mudhen i was shooting my sbe II the other day over a pond and started shooting turtles. I noticed that if i lined up both beads dead on the turtles head the shot would hit him but it seemed the majority of the shot was a little high. Could this be due to the raised rib on the benelli vs. the low rib on the browning? What do you think?
  9. I hunt in the reelfoot lake area in NW Tenn which used to be duck hunting paradise. Not that way any more. Sure we kill a few ducks but alot of days don't even see a bird.Im actually about 40 minutes east of the lake. We used to limit out every day. Now we don't seem to get the birds till february and march after the season is over. November December and most of january is really like fall instead of winter. Some guys paying $2500.00 for a blind lease and killing maybe 45 or 50 ducks. Virtually no geese. Maybe we should sell everything off and move to canada. LOL
  10. If you have a boat that your going to get to use alot i would definately get the SBE II. Every time i shoot mine i like it more and more. Used to have a original SBE and like a idiot traded it off for a gold lite 10 ga Browning. Shot Browning for 7 straight seasons now. Have a belgium made A-5 made in 1965. It is a great gun but i have to say the Benelli points and handles as well if not better than the A-5. Browning golds are pretty good guns but you can bet if you do a lot of shooting your gonna be taking that rascal apart and thouroughly cleaning it AT LEAST 2 TIMES A SEASON. Benelli just so simple and something you can pass along to your kid. Congrats by the way. oh yeah, having a kid is the only excuse for not hunting on opening weekend! LOL
  11. Does anyone know the 1st year of production of the original SBE. Has anyone used the kicks high flyer choke tube yet?
  12. Does anyone know the 1st year of production of the SBE and has anyone used the kicks high flyer choke tubes in the SBE II yet?
  13. manroe, you don't need a gun for protection against a bear. All you need to do is take a friend along that can't run as fast as you. LOL
  14. i never had that problem with my original SBE. Of course i diden't just throw it around like a rag doll either. But i keep hearing about the "infamous click" on here. I know for a fact i would rather have the benelli than one of those jamming up brownings.
  15. went to the hardware store today and bought some 3" BB steel shot. Thats the largest they had. Dove loads is all they had in lead. Shot about a box with no malfunctions. going by walmart this week and get some 3.5". thanks guys
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