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    Caller in the oldest hunting club in the state of Texas
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  1. OLTD2

    New waders

    I have a pair of the 89.99 Cabela's 3mm Max 4 going on their 5th season. I would geet the $119.00 pair of 5mm if I lived in a cold climate or the $89.00 if I live in warmer regions. I bought my son a pair of the upgraded 3mm's w/600 grams in the boot foot in size 11 and now he wears a 13! Therefore, I will use those for colder days in TX and S AR and get him a pair of the 5mm's. Best money I have ever spent in waterfowling besides the old duck calls I get of Ebay hands down.
  2. Stateside there are many hunting clubs----both for profit and those not for profit that do not allow hunters to use a shotgun with a barrel less than 26". Here's why: 24" barrels in the confines of a wooden duck blind are too LOUD. I agree there is not much difference from a ballistics standpoint but from a decibel standpoint there is.
  3. I have had great luck with Drylock Number 4's in 1-1/4.
  4. Dude: 2-3/4" #6 Hevi Shot at decoy ranges will outperform 3-1/2" #6's in steel. I bought some 2.75 by mistake and tried it anyway and it blew my mind. It is like shooting lead. I killed two teal at 25 yards on a passing shot with one shell two seasons ago! If you use a browning with invector plus, go with the skeet choke otherwise Improved Cylinder is the ticket. Most people who hunt at decoy range over choke their shotgun. I would definitely go with #6's. You want to spray a pattern out there. 2.75's are easy on that shoulder as well. If you shoot steel, I would defin
  5. OLTD2

    Nova pump

    To the best of my knowledge no. If the Supernova is too long and you cannot get past the rattling forearm, I would go with an 870 wingmaster.
  6. I am not certain on the forearm. I hear rumors that you can tighten it with the right tool but it might make the slide harder to cycle. I thought it would annoy me as I said but when you use it, you do not notice it. The Nova to me feels more narrow whether it is actually or not, I do not know. The LOP on the Nova is 14-1/4" and on the Supernova, LOP is 14-3/8". I am 5'-7", 175 lbs. I am big boned and lost 28 pounds this year. The Nova fits me better. The 870 points better than the Nova to me. It is indeed more Narrow. However, the location of the slide at rest makes you have to stre
  7. The Pump is an excellent choice for waterfowl because more often than not; no matter what the condition, they work----especially the Nova. I started out with pumps because I could not afford anything else and now it is what i prefer. When others are standing in the water jacking around with the semi-autos because a shell is hung in the ejection port or the extractor just shattered into a hundred little pcs., I am still going. I call ducks in a 122 year old duck club and prior to that hunted in the cradle of duck hunting in Arkansas and have seen every make of auto no matter how new o
  8. OLTD2

    Federal Ammo

    The best waterfowl load I have ever used bar none was Remington Hevi Shot which is now Wingmaster HD. The 2-3/4" #6 shells I used outperformed 3-1/2" Magnum steel shoot. I killed two Green Wing Teal on a pass shot at 25 yards with one 2-3/4" Hevi Shot #6. The stuff performs like lead. You may say paying that much for a shell is unwise but when you only have to use one shell, the math justifies it in dollars and sense-----pun intended. Remington is sealed to withstand the moisture as well. I have two year old shells that have been submerged while wading in my safe that I will use
  9. I have the limbsaver on a Nova----it shortened the length of pull by about 1/4" to 14" which is great for waterfowl hunting since you usually have more clothes on. I have not tested it to see how it abates recoil. I think there is a pop-in recoil pad that will fit the Nova made by Benelli which can be bought at Numrich. The issue is it is $70.00 or $80.00 dollars. I will not waste that money on a $299.00 shotgun (Blak Synthetic)
  10. When hunting in cooler weather with more clothing, you will be fine with a Nova and 2-3/4" or 3" fodder. In summer months, with just a shirt, 3" magnums sting me with a Nova. I won't even chance 3-1/2" Magnums anytime. The length of pull is shorter on a Nova than with a Supernova. You can buy a shorter recoil pad for around $80.00 for the Nova which to me is a stupid way to spend money for a $299.00 shotgun (Mine is the black version) I shortned my length of pull to around 14" by installing a Limbesaver slip on recoil pad but I have not shot it yet to see if it helps with recoil in a
  11. You are correct sir! AL would not be worth a tinker's darn on it's own in a structural application but add in some alloying elements and Katie bar the door. Common alloys are: 3003 H14 for sheet material 6061 T6 for plate bar, rod, structurals, etc.
  12. I would keep it as dry as possible during the cold periods.
  13. OLTD2

    Nova jamming

    I call in a duck camp. I see members having issues with Fasteel---poor brass, screwed up hulls, etc. I never see issues with Tungsten Matrix made by the same outfit. I would try another shell.
  14. All aluminum is an alloy of some sort. The alloying elements give the AL the properties desired by the designer of the particular product aluminum is used in. I sold metals for 13 years.
  15. Think about it: duck boats are made of aluminum and abused in the back waters, swamps and bayous of America mercilessly and they hold up don't they?
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