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  1. mwp1993

    M2 vs. Cordoba

    I've also been looking at those as well, to be honest i am also thinking of getting a pump just to save money, like a supernova or nova pump
  2. mwp1993

    M2 vs. Cordoba

    thats what i mean! haha i like the SBE II's capability to shoot the 3 1/2in but at the same time i feel i wouldnt use it enough for about $400 more you know?
  3. mwp1993

    M2 vs. Cordoba

    well in your first reply you said that you owned an M2 and that you used it for deer/duck/goose/clays, and if you haven't had a problem i guess i wont either haha!! thanks a ton, you single handedly help me in choosing the gun for me and that is a task in itself haha. Im gonna get the M2! thanks again!
  4. mwp1993

    M2 vs. Cordoba

    mostly waterfowl but also a bit of everything, but like i said before i would also like to be able to target shoot. I've been all over other forums, and i've heard some horror stories about the SBE II not cycling light target loads, but at the same time i've heard people have no problems with it. I mean i guess it would be nice to have the 3 1/2in for waterfowl, but i dont know if its worth the price and possible aggravation of it.
  5. mwp1993

    M2 vs. Cordoba

    well lets even add the super sport and SBE II because Benelli makes so many great guns, i cant choose which is best for me! this is driving me crazy
  6. mwp1993

    M2 vs. Cordoba

    I'm in the market for a new semi-auto shotgun and i have been looking into an M2 or the Cordoba. I want to hunt a little bit of everything but at the same time do target shooting. Can someone point me in the right direction please? Thanks, Matt
  7. Thank you so much! i mean i'm new to shotguns, so when i buy one i only want to have to buy one. So i figured the M2 would be a good choice, thanks again for your help!
  8. Im looking into buying an M2, but i dont what the difference is between the normal black synthetic and the "American Series," can someone clear that up for me and direct me toward the better of the two?? thanks, Matt
  9. you guys are all such great helps, thank you so much. I think im gonna go with the benelli!!! most likely the M2 just because its a bit cheaper and i like the camo option as well.
  10. thank you thank you so far and to MontefeltroPro i want to use the gun mainly for upland game and maybe a little bit of waterfowl but I have also been looking at the remington 11-87 supermag, how would this compare to the benelli's because they are similar in price??
  11. I have recently been looking into buying a benelli, but i am new to the name. So far I have narrowed it down to the M2 or the Montefeltro. Can someone tell me which one is better?
  12. thanks for you input i appreciate it
  13. that is the reason im getting a pump because i cant afford anything else
  14. would you consider a pump because you can get a supernova for like $500
  15. thank you for your replies after reading them i had gone out and bought one in max4 cammo. i cant wait to shoot it
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