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  1. young and tasty. How do I post a picture?
  2. http://www.metrogun.com Mudhen check out that pattern at 40 yards. pro- pattern at 40 yards con- barrel length
  3. I reamber last year when turkey hunting A Doe walked less than 4 feet infront of me and my dad. It looked pretty as it nibbled at the leaves of the tree I was sitting under. I can tell you after being chased by a buck earlier that year I was a little scared, k never mind I was VERY scared. I dont know how it didnt smell us because we had sprayed a little bug spray on us that morning. must of been that 3d leafy camo.
  4. Hunt is the title, if you were wondering.
  5. Hunt I woke up this morning Hoping today was not boring Threw my bow in the truck Hoping to bag a big, big buck Their I sit in my tree blind Anxious and confined But now I hear something from behind I see a big buck Hoping to have some luck Pull out my bow and draw Hoping I do not flaw I hunted I think its good for 20 minutes.
  6. Everything! Deer, and duck mainly. Not to mention I took a doe two weeks ago.
  7. For my English 2 college prep class I have to write a poem. I want to write it about hunting. Any ideas or starts would be great. I hope your not on here Mr. Lubliner.
  8. I have a Sbe II and I want to know what kind of slug has been doing good for you guys. I will be using a stock tube (If other recomended). Should I use a cylinder or improved cylinder with the slug you guys recomend.
  9. I shot 3 Teal this year. Fun little birds to shoot. My favorite ducks to eat and kill are Canvasback. The are Pretty unique birds. Took three this year. One day on my youth hunt I limited out with a good mixed bag. 1st day I went I got 2 woodies, 1 teal, and three mallards. But lost a mallard criple off the double I shot. The next day, 2 teal, 2 mallards and a woddie. And got my first few ring neck ducks this year. Worst birds ever to eat.
  10. Where in Cali do you hunt. I want to hunt with you.
  11. Deer hunting last week when I heard somerussling from behind me. I started to get excited but when I slowly looked around it was a hen. Then 5 minutes later 11 hens walked out in front of me 20 feet from my tree stand.
  12. sbeIIfan


    up.......... HELP!!!!
  13. sbeIIfan


    Premier Core-Lokt Ultra Bonded Sabot Slugs http://www.remington.com/products/ammunition/shotshell/slugs/core-Lokt_ultra_bonded_sabot.asp. Are these intended for deer? They sound pretty harsh. Has anyone tried the Federal Premium Barnes expander? Are they any good? http://www.midwayusa.com/eproductpage.exe/showproduct?saleitemid=599264 Any other suggestions will be greatly appreaciated.
  14. ahhahahahahah. i hope he knows he did that.
  15. Never mind about the decoy setup. Just wondering if its a nice combo.
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