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  1. I used a Remington 870 Supermag. It's a very popular pump action gun that is available in most big retail stores, as well as smaller gun shops. This model has a Hevi-Shot Extreme Range Waterfowl Choke tube in it, but I keep my shots at ducks under 40yds, usually.
  2. I'll have to disagree with your theory of the 22in bbl. It holds no water. A search through the archives will tell you as much. as far as "pushing 1,500 fps", that is a glass half empty view. High 1,500's as stated, is pushing 1,600 fps, and close to the advertised speeds, which were done with 30in bbl's. It is a free country, and I won't knock your choice in shell.Whatever works for you. I am simply giving an opportunity for people to see a new load that contains new technology, that you may or may not have seen yet. I wish you the best luck this season
  3. With a 24in bbl I was able to get high 1,500's out of two of the three shots i was limited to, and cracked 1,600 once. I am looking forward to getting back out with a longer barrel, and more shells,
  4. I finally got to get out onto the dry land and fire some of this stuff! Hevi-Shot Speed Ball 3in #5shot 12in circle @ 40yds Rem 870SM Hevi Shot ER choke tube This stuff is FAST!!! The recoil is not out of this world for the performance it delivers. In the 30yd shots,with the MR tube, the wad punched holes in the targets Three different times The BB load was rockin', and had the backstop particles blowing in the breeze
  5. Here is a look at the inside of the new Speed Ball Waterfowl shell Take note of the Mv2 pellets and the actual Speed Ball itself
  6. Hey Gang, it's been a while, but I wanted to share some info on a new load that will be out in stores starting in July called SPEED BALL by Hevi-Shot so everyone can check it out, and know a little about it when the time comes to gear up for the season ahead Here is a cut-away of the shell. It has three major innovations: 1. Speed Ball? ? an elastomeric ball in the base of the wad that accelerates pellets without boosting chamber pressures (patent pending). 2. MV? pellet that sits in the base of the shell ? copper-clad, steel-core pellets that are Heavier Than Steel? but with a soft, dense outer copper layer fuzed to the steel, metallurgically. This gives us about 22 times the copper thickness of copper-plated lead or steel; you just can't get this kind of copper thickness without the proprietary technology we're using. The copper raises the density of the pellet. Patent pending. Copper plating puts a copper coating on the pellet that is roughly 1/6 of the thickness of a sheet of paper. 3. HEVI-Shot layer on top. 6 existing patents. So we use the layer technology of HEVI-Metal, the density of Heavier Than Lead? and Heavier Than Steel?, and the new Speed Ball? technology to get really fast speeds safely. The benefits to the hunter: Higher pellet counts in the 30-inch circle than you get with HEVI-Shot. Nearly matches the lethal energy of HEVI-Shot, pellet size for pellet size, out to 60 yards (but far exceeds the energy of anything else). Cheaper than HEVI-Shot, more than $1/shell cheaper. Product Pellet Speed (fps) Pellets in 30" Circle Energy (ft-lbs) At 40 yards 12-ga., 3", 1.25 oz BB 1635 90 886 12-ga., 3:, 1.25 oz 1 1635 120 808 12-ga., 3:, 1.25 oz 3 1635 167 722 12-ga., 3:, 1.25 oz 5 1635 245 630 The product will also come in 12-ga., 3.5", 1.5 oz, 1650 fps rounds in BB, 1, 3, and 5.
  7. Check this thread out. It is on a similar issue.. http://www.benelliusa.com/forum/showthread.php?t=19863
  8. Bass Pro Shop is advertising some deals on the new Hypersonic Steel. I was really looking forward to opening this thread and reading some reviews!
  9. Go to Oldgobbler.com and look in the reloading section. Lots of good info there..
  10. If the choke says "No Steel" on the side, then no. You would want a tube that is rated for Steel shot and other HTL loads.
  11. The recoil reducer is a personal choice. If you are shooting at a turkey, you won't feel it at all. You will however, feel it while toting that thing around all day. While patterning, you can put an oven mitt between you and the gun to keep it comfortable in the meantime. Save your money for a decent choke tube or some calls. IMO
  12. That M/O Bottomland Supermag is radical,son! I actually have yet to take a Benelli out this season. I picked up an 870 S/M with a Sure-Shot stock, and love that thing. It patterns insane, and just is a joy to carry. I'm waiting on a new Limbsaver Dead Center sight combo to arrive this week to put on my M2, and I will give it a go. Good luck to you this Spring
  13. My Supernova has been posting up some pretty darn good numbers with 3.5in Remington Wingmaster HD #6's ans a TruGLO SSX choke, as well as a Jellyhead .655 tube
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