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    I love to hunt!
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    Central New Hampshire
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    Family, Hunting, Call Making and Golf
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    Part-Time Home Framer / Full-Time Stay Home Dad & Turkey Call Maker

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  1. Thanks GoBow! I'll have to see if that's it.
  2. I’ve got a M2 20ga that I use mostly for turkey hunting back up to my 12ga and a little crow hunting. I bought her new 3/09 and would say she’s has probably at least 500 (not much I know) rounds through her. I had it out the other day crow hunting and noticed a minor issue I’ve experienced a few times while turkey hunting in the past is now getting to be a pain in the rear all the time. Trying to loading either 2¾” or 3” shells intro the mag tube is getting tough to do. I’ve had her apart and cleaned the spring, black aluminium follower/spring cap, inside of the mag tube and even lubed the follower/cap with a little Rem Oil but I’m still having the same issues. It’s really tough to feed shells. Does anyone have any suggestions or heard of this issue with other 20ga M2’s? Thanks for any help on this
  3. First of all....**BOTH CHOKES SOLD** CH/QBPS....It's been a while since I was on here. Hope all is well and that you're ready for thumping turkeys : ) Just got in another 100pk of targets from QB yesterday and getting ready to pattern four guns this weekend. I ended up trading in my SBE II : ( Both my turkey guns (other than the smoke pole) were autos and I just love my M2 20ga too much to get rid of it. Seeing the choke tubes didn't do anything to the trade in value, I keep them. I ended up getting two these two new thumpers for my son and I with plenty left over to set up & trick them out. Nothing againt the tubes or Benelli! As I said, I still have & love every much....my M2 & the R1 ; ) 20-gauge Model 870 Express Compact Model 870 Express Super Magnum Turkey/Waterfowl
  4. I've got two SBE II turkey chokes for sale. Rhino .660 and a Jelly Head .660. Jelly Head was a test choke and Rhino I used for 1 season. $70 shipped for the Rhino and $35 shipped for the Jelly Head. Buy both and I'll sell them for $90 but you pay shipping.
  5. The tube has been sold and shipped
  6. Some get it and then there those that don't FLH I'd never buy another mass produced call again period. I own three of Andy's calls and several other custom calls from other call makers. Andy's calls for the last 5 years are always in my vest
  7. I've got a Rhino 20GA .575 turkey tube for a Benelli mobil system for sale. Bought a M2 and it doesn't fit, I need a crio threaded tube. Used for patterning last year only and will sell it for $65 plus shipping. I need to cover the cost of a Pure Gold tube PM or email me at [email protected]
  8. Thanks Chad That gives me a good base price to go off of. I guess maybe I'll see what my buddy can get one from Benelli will cost and compare. It's getting close to that time! A friend of mine asked me the other day while ice skating with my son if I was starting to get the fever. As I skated pass him I let out an owl hoot for a reply
  9. I'm thinking of adding a steady grip to my M2. Who sells them? (other than going through Benelli) And does anyone know how much does the APG steady grip cost? Thanks in advance
  10. http://www.duckhuntingchat.com/viewtopic.php?p=666564
  11. A few guys already got in their order to Dave but I'm not sure it was by phone or on his web page.
  12. ...is sitting in my buddies shop waiting for me to pick her up All I need is for one of my customers to pay their plowing bill so I can bring her home.
  13. http://oldgobbler.com/TheForum/index.php/topic,11228.0.html
  14. HOYT!! Katera if you want more detail
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