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  1. Steve, Congratulations on your big hunt. -Bobcat
  2. bobcat

    R1 reliability

    I just bought the R1 30-06 in October. I must have ran approximately 200 rounds in it the first month, both reloaded bullets and stock bullets. The gun jammed on me one time and it was with a reload. The jam was cause by bad measurements on that particular bullet because I was not able fire the round. I clean the gun barrel quickly in between rounds. I take the gun apart and clean it every time I am done using it. R.Casino
  3. bobcat

    bow hunting

    Thank you everyone for your advice, for those who are stating the obvious about this being a Benelli gun site, I know that, I own a R1 Comfort Tech and if you had read my original post, I asked if anyone had any suggestions on bows, not any opinions or comments on my question. So, if you feel like you need to respond but have nothing to say of use, save yourself the time and don't bother. Thank you for the intelligent responses from people who appreciate the sport of hunting and were helpful enough to respond constuctively. I will look into the bows everyone suggested.
  4. bobcat

    bow hunting

    i am looking at getting into bow hunting. does anyone have any suggestions on bows? i was looking at the Mathews
  5. hey steve do you work for benelli?

  6. bobcat

    Change Stock

    i dont think you can change from a wooden stock to a comfort tech, but i do think you can replace your stock with the same one
  7. I am 23 years old and this is my first deer in my hunting career. I took the doe on November 15th in upstate NY, using my new 30-06 Benelli R1 with the comfort-tec stock and a 3-9x40 Nikon Buckmaster scope. I just got this setup a few weeks ago and have been working up handloads for it. This doe was shot with a factory loaded 150 grain Winchester silver tip. This was just the second time out hunting with this gun. The deer weighed in 120lbs field dressed. I know its not big buck but its my first deer, and maybe I will be lucky again this season and get to post a picture of a big buck.
  8. bobcat

    r1 ammo

    steve, thank you for you recommendation
  9. bobcat

    r1 ammo

    I recently purchased the R1 30-06. i been shooting all different types of ammo including reloaded bullets i have done myself. i found that the best bullet working for me is the winchester ballistic silvertips at 150 grain. if anybody has any other suggestions or recommendations on factory or bullet reloads and gun powder please let me know thank you RC
  10. i just bought the r1 30-06 comefortech with a nikon buckmaster scope. the r1 has interchangable barrels you just cant go from a wsm to wm. you can tho go from a 300 to a 30-06 or visa vera. you can get the barells for 500 give or take through cabellas
  11. the accuracy is much better with your own refilled bullets. i was grouping the size of quarters at 100 yards. the factory bullets do not group as nice
  12. i just bought the benelli r1 despite all the negative comments, this is an amazing gun, its light, well built, and the key feature the comfort tech. when i took my r1 out to the range to site it in i brought multiple types of ammunition, from ballistic tips to the 150 grain reloaded bullets. after i fired 5 rounds i cleaned the barrel and let the gun cool. i noticed that all of the factory bullets i bought did not group well but the reloaded bullets were grouping the size of a quarter at 100 yards. i think the best way to go is to refill your own bullets. they are more accurate then the factory bullets.
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