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  1. I'm looking at purchasing the R1, but have heard some rumors that they can jam is this true? Another question. I have short arms so the length of pull would be a concern. They are not easy to find but the two that I have found one felt pretty long and the other felt good. Can I adjust the recoil pad like on my SBE?
  2. ScoutII

    bow hunting

    Hoyt all the way. I have had both and have found Hoyt to have less shock and it is the quietest, but thats in my hands go to a pro shop and shoot them both. Get the one that fits you and feels good to you. Really if you gow to the bowsite and ask you will get 100 different opinions but it has to be what feels and shoots good to you. Either way you can't go wrong with any of the big name bows.
  3. DuckChaser, I just bought a Rhino .670. I will be shooting heavy shot and Winchester Supreme Extended Range in both 5's and 6's. I had real good results from the Winchester ammo last year but that was from a different gun. I used the Winchester in the 870 I had and it shot good as well. I'm hoping it works good in the SBE. I will keep you informed.
  4. Where are you getting these guns? They are real sweet. Makes me want one. Come on Tucker give it up.
  5. How did you get those colors? I love that gun. I can't find any such thing on there sight.
  6. Are you planning on shooting the Nitro's with big ben? I was looking at the price and almost fell out of my chair.Last year I shot the Winchester Supreme Xtended 3" #6 out of my Thompson Center Pro Hunter. I'm still not sure what to shoot out of the SBE.
  7. Sorry about another tube question but I have it down to two that I want. I have a SBEII and want to know which patterns better. They are both pretty expensive so before I buy I would like some advice.I plan on shooting the Hevi Shot. Thanks in advance.
  8. I have very short arms making my length of pull short as well. With my 870 I ordered it in the youth model so that I wouldn't have any problem catching under my arm. I'm wondering if any of you have change to the smaller pad and how it worked out shooting the 3 1/2. Was there a increase in recoil?
  9. Welcome to the board. Can't really br much help as I'm new as well. Just got a SBEII last summer and will be putting it through the test soon. I"m going to start with a kicks and maybe a jelly head.
  10. ScoutII


    Does anyone use rear sights on there SBEII?
  11. As anyone tried the Kicks Gobbling Thunder yet?
  12. I live a little south of you and used your calls to kill my tom this year.
  13. Well I did it I'm offically a benelli owner. Can't wait to shot it. Anyone have any suggestions on choke tubes for turkey?
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