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  1. Dont use the cheap bsa brand ones they wont take that kind of recoil......try oldgobbler.com there is a 10 gauge following there..........
  2. thanks for the kind words you guys seem like experts, and you willing to help others thats the best part- shannon
  3. check out my new site, you are all welcome to join!
  4. if you check out the nitrocompany site they recomend you do not lengthen the cone, rhino makes a good choke ,i know i own some, but before you get unreversable work done to your benelli , you might want to just have the barrel and forcing cone polished, but im not sure if you need that because i think sbe's are chrome lined allready, make sure the bore of that gun is cleaned with a solvent and then make sure it is totaly dry , this will increse your core pattern. Check out oldgobbler.com we love turkey guns and quite a few of us" including me" shoot benelli's
  5. hey guys, im new to the forum, i have a nova that i just got , and i ran out and purchased a limbsaver recoil pad, primos jellyhead .665 and some winchester exstendeds elite #6, i havent had the chance to pattern it yet, but mabie some of you guys could tell me what to exspect. i normaly shoot a sp-10 rem thumbhole, with nitro 3 ounce hevi loads and a rhino .685. btw you guys are all welcome to goin my website at OldGobbler.com, i have a free classifieds and a forum too!, i like the way you guys all help each other .
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