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  1. I have a 912 that I mounted a bushnell holosight xlp on. I had to get it drilled and tapped to mount the base but the sight works great and I would assume the burris speeddot would be similar. My 912 wasn't drilled and tapped for a mount. Hope this helps
  2. Score 2 for this weekend on Eastern Ky. turkeys and my new Benelli SBEII w/Rhino and nitro loads. Sat. and Sun. was awesome for me. Plenty of birds gobbling and the best time I've had turkey hunting in years. At one time I had 4 gobblers in front of me and was able to score the dominant bird of the group. Unusual for the steep mountain heavily wooded areas of East Ky. Sat. was great weather and cooperative birds and Sun. started out o.k. with birds gobbling but was getting colder as the day progessed but still successful. Tags filled 1st weekend now I just have to wait on WV season to st
  3. I have the Rhino .670 and the Jellyhead .660 chokes for my SBE2. The Rhino as CraigL has said with the Nitro loads patterns awesome. My 40 yd. averages for kill shots have been in the nineties. At shorter distances obviously much more. The Jellyhead is a good choke also with the right ammo, I was shooting some Win Supreme Elites #6 earlier this week that patterned very well although not as good as the Nitro/Rhino combo. The Jellyhead gives me good performance and is more economical but the Rhino gives me better performance but at a higher cost. I really would be pleased to take either of
  4. Nothing more yet, haven't had time to do additional testing. I am planning to get to the range Monday w/my brother to pattern his gun for this season and will get some addt'l testing in. Will report back then.
  5. I started testing the Benelli choke in a new SBE II this past weekend. I was testing against a Jellyhead .660 and a Rhino .670. I only tested the Benelli choke @ 20 yds. as I was testing diff. ammo also. The Benelli tested very favorably against the others when using the old style Rem. Hevi Shot in # 5. I need to do additional testing at other yardages with some diff. loads to get a good comparison tho. I guess I would say that testing is incomplete at this point.
  6. OK, I got several different chokes for my new SBE II and tried several different loads this past weekend at various yardages. I first mounted a Bushnell holosight and got to work with a Rhino .670, Jellyhead .660 and the Benelli Turkey Choke. Loads tested was all hi-density loads, Win Supreme Elite #5, Hevi-Shot #5, Remington old style Hevi-Shot #5, and Nitro 4x5x7 Hevi-Shot all in 3.5 in. rounds. I have to say that the Rhino in combination with the Nitro ammo lived up to the press releases. I know it's an expensive combination but it really patterned the best of any of the combinatio
  7. Thanks for all the informative replies in relation to the forcing cone issue, and it seems that there are arguments to both sides which is cool. I'll do some more research on that topic before I make my decision. Not that I'm a fan of mossburg but they really play up the advertising of backbored barrels, I'm showing my ignorance here but what exactly is that and is that akin to lengthening the forcing cone? Also there were no opinions on the barrel porting part of the original question. Would it help and is it worth it?
  8. Actually, quite a way. Live in WV.
  9. I am trying to set up my new SBE II for turkey season. My question, after reading all the comments about chokes, loads, etc. on this site, has to do with shotgun modifications. I was looking at the Rhino website and saw were they ported and lengthened the forcing cone and was interested if anyone had this done and if satisfied w/results. I called and they claimed 23% denser patterns. The porting would be interesting if reduced recoil significantly on the 3 1/2 in mag loads. Denser patterns would be an added bonus. Just curious.
  10. LOL, 10 Guage. Yes it is very tough here with the steep slopes and high mountains in comparison to predominately farm land. The challenge of the terrain and the quarry is what makes it so rewarding when you do outsmart one of these great birds. I was out scouting this morning and saw a lot of sign and I think I have a couple of areas were I have some turkeys located so hopefully this years WV hunt goes well.
  11. Almost dead center. Approx. 45 miles SE of Charleston in Fayette Co. on the banks of the New and Gauley Rivers. Been hunting mainly around this area, haven't hunted any around the Morgantown area.
  12. Wow, have the fever here too. Was planning a trip to Alabama with my brother to start the season around the 1st week of April, then going to my home state of KY for some additional time and ending up in WV were I currently live to finish up since WV season starts so late. If anyone has any insight on Alabama turkey hunting any advice appreciated as we both have some time off and can spend some quality time hunting together(which happens infrequently now) and since AL season comes in a little earlier we decided to try there. Been doing the online research thing which has helped narrow do
  13. Hi all, have been reading the posts and getting educated on some things and very much appreciative of the knowledge and willingness to share. I have a new sbeII and trying to set up for the upcoming turkey seasons. I also have a M2 which I use primarily for upland type hunting and clay shooting. Marvelous gun. My prior turkey gun has been a Franchi 912 w/mad max choke for hevi-shot and a Bushnell holosight xlp. Good gun and patterns well to about 40 yds but quite a bit heavier than an sbe, which matters while hiking up and down the hills of WV.
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