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  1. I just brought home my sbeII an checked the shims.....neat...I was wondering!!! there was a small plastic bottle with a red snap tip that said detergent????I thought it would be oil,or is the stuff some kind of cleaner.......sonny
  2. just returned from the range with my spanking new sbeII an agree it shoots high alright.I can get it to shoot about perfect if the small rear siler bead covers the orange front bead when sighting.I tried the figure eight siver under the orange but gun shot a good eight inches higher then where i aimed.I also used my rino 660 choke tube an nitro 4x5x7 3 1/2's.Is it hard to do shims?If they make a higher front sign you must use more drop on stock to nose her down,,,,sombody please tell me i didn't buy a big mistake!!!!!!.........sonnyboy
  3. i just shot my new sbeII with rino 660 an nitro heavy 4x5x7.I got wonderful pattern at 40 yards but find that everything hits high with a figure eight back bead under the front orange sight.I tried an found out that you must put the silver back bead dead even over the front orange post to hit right on at 35-40 yds.gun seems to like 6 shot better then 5 shot.The nitro heavy shot with 2 1/4 4x5x7shot a beautiful group at 40 yrds after learning this trick.I bet i had over three hundred holes inside of a 11" circle at 40 yrds.I stopped after three shots with heavy.....too expensive to keep messing
  4. wildturp......just recieved my rino .660 choke for my sbe2 an it screws in like a james bond movie!.....also got the heavy shot from nitro 4x5x7 2 1/4oz 3 1/2, 12 gauge. I have read everything i could about combos from nitro an turkey forums an everybody is saying that this combo should come with salt an pepper for the turkey is ready for dinner with it!!!! just have to get out an try it on paper.....first take out a small loan to get this set up.......geez the price hits as hard as my turkey gun...........sonny
  5. sawyer,,,,,,what rino choke the .660?????.sonnyboy
  6. thanks for the reply honkers.....I am new to this choke game????is the .660 tighter then your .640?????sonny
  7. thanks.........just cancalled my crio xtra full turkey choke from benelli an ordered the rino choke for mySBEII also nitro 4x5x7 3 1/2 shells,....ouch! shells for this stuff is outta sight....why?hummm.told my friend that this new combo will have me shooting turkeys at 50 yrds an no loss of meat!...Ha ha ha .....he said: maybe it's going to be too tight for 25 to 30 yrds.....guess heads fly off at that range ???? sonny
  8. dawg gone........anything more on benelli crio xtrafull for sbeII?I hope i didn,t make a mistake ordering it for turkey with my new sbeII???...sonnyboy
  9. can anybody tell me how the benelli crio xtra full turkey choke patterns compaired to the jellyhead choke 660.???thanks...sonnyboy
  10. hello............i just ordered a new sbeII for spring turkey an wondered has anybody used the new xtra full crio tube from benelli.I have heard a lot about jellyhead chokes(?)an wondered what kind of group i could expect from this new choke compaired to jellyhead choke..........thanks.......sonnyboy
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