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  1. just want a good all around boot for everything.
  2. All I could go back was 3 pages.
  3. Has any one tried the Dream Season ScentBlocker Knee-High Boots? I'm thinking of buying a new pair of boots and I need some input. these seem like they might be a pretty good all around boot.
  4. My buddy just got a supernova and he was wondering what choke and ammo combo he should use? He will probably not be using the heavy shot.
  5. I have a buddy named chad that has the same thing. Is his name chad or is it just a coincidence.
  6. it should work great. It might be a good time to bring your hunting buddy and a video camera because you may double up!!!
  7. I was wondering if anyone has used the burris fastfire and what your opinion is. I was also wondering what I would have to do to mount this or any other scope to my SBE2?
  8. How do you like the burris Speed dot. I Have a SBE2 and I was thinking of purchasing one.
  9. Yes it should work great! I went with the 26" barrel just because I will be using it for other things. The 24" should be easy to manouver in the turkey woods and it is a great length plus you will probably be using an extended choke tube. I have heard of people using even shorter.
  10. I'm trying the jellyhead and nitro combo in my SBE2 this year. How did they pattern in your gun?
  11. Try some nitro H51013 and let me know what you think. They are high but when you have invested as much as you have for a gun and a choke why not go all the way and spend a few more dollars a shot. And just think how long ten shots will probably last. A couple to pattern and you still have enough for 4 years if you are a good shot and kill two longbeards a year.
  12. I have a new SBE 2 and I'm getting ready to purchase a jellyhead .660 and 3 1/2" nitros H51013 4x5x7. Is this the right combo and when I purchase the choke will it fit if it just says benelli or does it have to be a special choke for the SBE2?
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