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  1. Hey guys, Ive got a Franchi I-12 that I recently tried to put TruGlo fiber optics on and they would not fit over my rib. Yes, I ordered the correct size they simply would not fit. I have decided to add a red dot scope on my gun. Its already drilled and tapped so all I have to do it mount a base and red dot. What is a good(and reasonably priced) red dot scope that will handle the beating of magnum turkey loads?
  2. I never changed the shim 10Gauge. I dont see where a 55 to a 50 is going to make that big of a difference. I have decided to get a set of tru glo adjustable sights and see what they can do for my accuracy. Thank you for your input.
  3. The sight must be good for $250! Im not looking to spend that much money on a sight. I want something that is simple and cheap yet very effective...
  4. Ok 10Gauge, Just found my shims boxed up! They show L or R on each side and I have sizes 50,60, and 65. So I assume that I have a 55 on now. Please give me advice on which of these I should use to get my gun shooting right. Thanks
  5. Only one problem with changing the shim.....I dont have them. They were lost during a recent move because I had also considered that. Shooting from a rest is not an option for me because I do not have a shooting bench or anything that could be substituted for one. I read somewhere that I should pattern my gun in the position I will be in during a shot at a turkey so that is what I have been doing. I will tape off the next time I shoot and a larger target so I can see where all of my load is going. Thanks for the advice. What type of sight would you recommend for my gun?
  6. The closest Bass Pro is in Memphis,TN which is about a 2 1/2 hour drive for me which isnt possible because my wife is working at night and I have to watch our 3 month old son. I dont know much about adjustable sights. Any suggestions? Also do you guys have any suggestions on preferred loads? I also patterned Remington Premier Magnum #5s with about the same luck. Thanks alot.
  7. Kicks Gobblin Thunder size .660. I am shooting Winchester Supreme High Velocity #5s. I was shooting at about 25 when I was targeting. Did not have a 30" circle but when I aimed high and got a decent pattern I had about 45 pellets in the lower neck region mainly. Only 2 or three in the head or brain area. But the POI still seemed to be 3-4 inches low and slightly to the right.
  8. 10Gauge, based on my shooting today my POI looks about 6 or 7" lower than my POA. I compensated for the difference by raising my gun up and got a decent pattern but nothing like I have seen posted on here and other sites. Some of you guys have SUPER TIGHT patterns and I wish I could achieve this with my gun. I would hate to have to purchase another gun simply because I cannot get this one to pattern like everyone elses turkey gun does. When I look down the rib I see the pin covering up part of the fiber optic at the end. I guess that only remedy is either a new sight or a new gun unfortunately
  9. Guys, I was told by a fellow at kicks industries that the Franchi I-12 should be shot by lining the middle pin up with the bottom of the fiber optic pin at the end of the barrell. My Franchi I-12 was shooting low with the gobblin thunder and I called and was trying to figure out what is going on. He claimed that guns from out of the US sights are set up different???? What do you guys think??
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