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  1. the light load assembly ( part number 190G ) in the spare parts book in my sbe2 is broken. the nipple like pin at the end of it has broken off. you can tell were it has been hitting the stock retaining nut screw ( part # 050G ) the gun is not that old, bought in february of last year. had been shot maybe 2-300 times untill duck season this past year. it was shooting fine untill i bought some of those remington hypersonic shells. i probably shot 5 boxes of 3 1/2 #2 through it with no problem, then it started not ejecting the first shot. i noticed i couldnt even pull the bolt back to ejec
  2. why would u want to oil it while your hunting? that seems a little strange to me..
  3. Sawyer


    anyone here have the new winchester sx3? just curious if it shoots as fast as they have advertised
  4. lol i guess some people register to ask a question and then never get a response? i would think that would be the main reason why
  5. i had not seen that message untill i brought it to my attention, i dont really pay attention to little stuff like that i just go straight to reading. but i will keep informed on the situation
  6. thats what i thought..i took the pad off of my r1 rifle and the peice was molded on the inside and it wasnt coming off for anything..idk why if it wont come off the one on my sbe2 came off...i called the customer service people and the lady told me to send the stock to them and they would more than likely replace it, so hopefully they will send me a new one, dont really wanna have to buy a new stock
  7. i am sorry if i offended u in asking a question. was trying to get input to see if there was a way around sending it to them. once again im sorry for asking a question
  8. what are the chances that it doesnt take 4 months for them to fix it? im talkinjg about the part inside the stock when u take the pad off at the very end with the notches in it that the pad fits in..its not in the book i already looked for an hour and a half and cant find it..its like apoxied to the inside of the stock so im thinking im going to have to buy a new stock? would rather not but also dont want to wait 5 months for benelli to fix it
  9. ok i have found out what the real problem is..when the pad first fell out and i lost it i lost the lip that is inside the very end..idk what its called but the part the recoil pad fits into i dont have..any idas were i might find one? or does anyone know what im talking about?
  10. i ordered a new recoil pad for my sbe2 bc the other one fell off and i lost it in a field..the one i ordered doesnt fit..it sais on the package it fits all sbe2 models blah blah but it seems to be to big..any comments on super gluing it to the inside of the gun?
  11. putting the trigger part back got me at first to..it took me a good hour to finally figure out to push the release button on the side and it will slide right in....i wish i had gotten a 26 in barrell instead of a 28 i just dont like long barrells
  12. ive had mine for 2 years and its been through ****...my paint is barely chipped and the paint isnt fading or anything
  13. i have a feeling when i get married that will be the reason for most of our fights, what i can and cant mount.
  14. i would go with the camo but thats just me, the paint holds up if u take care of the gun. mine is just now starting to barely chip and its been through 2 turkey seasons 2 duck seasons and a bunch of skeet and dove shooting. but its up to you just depends on what ur into
  15. the fox didnt live either trust me
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