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  1. Wow thanks for helpiing me out. Another question, How is recoil with 23/4in shells compared to other shotguns?
  2. What is the best semi-auto shotgun in your opion for hunting\gereral shooting? And is the Benelli video "Simply Perfect" fact or fiction. The reason I ask is it sounds to good to be true .One last thing, how are the ergonimics of the M2 and SBEII?
  3. That is so great that you got your dog back :)
  4. splashtx556ftw, Thank you much for your imput. Yes home invasion is a real threat in "bad" areas like parts of some Chigago. So your preference would be 00 buckshot? How many pellets are in 00 buck ( I know that they can vary but what is the most)?
  5. I am not positive but my take is False.
  6. ERdept, interesting thought about types of forms. Just curious but how come you joined us then and not a shotgun form? Like I said just curious.
  7. A2142Phantom


    Yes. I do not have 1st. hand experience with the SX3. but there is no reason why it shouldn't. The SX3 also has a full-auto setting (just in case you didn't know).
  8. I just noticed that most of us members of the form are one-timers they join us to post one question and then never come back . I guess they sould just make "tempoary members" If you only have one or two questions and "full members".
  9. I am new to shotguns and I am wondering if you could help me out. what is the difference between the Benelli M2 field and the Super black eagle II? Thank you, A2142Phantom
  10. What slug would you use if you had a violent attacker charging you from 15ft. away. You have you benelli slug gun in hand and one slug in the chamber what kind of slug would you want?
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