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  1. Lindey83

    SBE III??????

    i have been hearing some rumblings out in other forums of a SBEIII out or coming out. anyone have any insight on this??????????
  2. ok thanks for those video tips looks like i will be looking into a 28" model and i will have my 26 along just in case:D:eek: another thing i saw in there was the eye dominence i am right handed but left eye dominent so i always have to close my left eye. i can shoot left handed but it feels all wrong. any tips on helping this other than wearing an eye patch on my left eye and looking like a fool. thanks Lindey83
  3. thanks guys this all helps.....I also have another q's. since i will be using this gun for mostly duck and some turkey hunting and what not what length of barrel would you chose for this. i have been reading some posts and from what i can gather people like one or the other i have a 26" now and sometimes it feels too short and to fast of a swing. anyone have any suggestions here????????????????????? Thanks Lindey83
  4. well what would you chose and why I am in the market and wondering if the camo is worth it. They both look great to me so either way I will be happy. Just wondering what all of your thoughts are on this. thanks
  5. ok i know what gun i am going to go with now i have never owned a gun in camo i am looking at the max 4 hd cause it matches my waders and all but what is the big difference in cleaning and rust ect. thanks Lindey
  6. right now i am looking at the sbe II and the M2 what are all of your thoughts on these guns Lindey
  7. Hey all Well tax season is over and i am looking for a good duck/goose/sporting clay gun that can handle it all. what do you all think would be the best choice. Lindey
  8. lol tmac thanks for the reply i have a stoeger condor and i have to say i have not had any problems with it (this means i am a lucky guy cause those are like rolling the dice. couldnt turn down 400 bucks for the o/u supreme i will be taking into the woods). i have an remington 1100 right now and i was looking at the sx3 magnum seems a little more reasonable for my college price range than the sbe2. if i get the sx3 or sbe2 i will eventually get the other but not untill i am done with school. thnaks Lindey
  9. also how would you all compare the winchester sx2 and 3 vs. the sbe2?
  10. well what gun would you use for ducks the sbe2 or the m2 i may go goose hunting sometime but not in the near foreseeable future. thanks Lindey
  11. Lindey83

    H&K SBE found

    i found a sbe H&K model here in a store and was wondering how old this gun is and what would you pay or would you save for an sbe2? thanks Lindey
  12. ok so can someone tell me other than the 3" to 3.5" shells and a couple hundered bucks what is the difference between the SBEII and the M2? Thanks
  13. Lindey83

    Looking For

    I am looking for a duck hunting gun that can take any loads so if i do some goose i can drop a 3.5 in and knock em down i use an 1100 right now and it can only take 2 3/4 i can shoot it but in cold weather the bolt is a little stiff that and i always have wanted a benneli
  14. Lindey83

    Looking For

    Hey all I am a poor poor college student and i am looking for a sbe, sbe2 or an m2 if anyone has one they would like to sell please let me know. I wish i could buy one new but the funds just are not there. thanks Lindey
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