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  1. theres some good thoughts out there.
  2. Thanks to everyone for the comments.
  3. good video with a great message.
  4. i dont know about the edge but i bought a mojo the last month of duck season last year and i thought it really helped. To me it helped to draw in the long ducks and it helped to make ducks look a little better at my spread.
  5. I'm going to get my own set of decoys this year. I will mainly be hunting ponds and small lakes and most of the time we use less than 3 dozen decoys. I plan on hunting early wood duck and teal season first and then on to regular season later where I will mainly be hunting mallards, wood ducks and the occasional canada goose, pintail, ring neck, gadwall, and any other duck that flies close enough. I am thinking about getting a dozen good mallard decoys, a half dozen wood duck decoys, some feeding decoys, and some type of jerk rig. I also already have a baby mojo mallard drake. My questions are: 1. Does this sound alright? 2. How many feeding decoys should i get? 3. Do wood duck calls work very well? 4. and any suggestions would be appreciated on any of this!!
  6. here in ky the coyote population is way up. I can't say that i ever called any up but i have saw several that liked the looks of my decoys. None of em got quite close enough for me to shoot at but if one did im sure i would have blasted him.
  7. The weather was awful for opening weekend here in Ky. all week it had been highs around 75 and then last weekend it was highs in the 50s. when i was hunting sunday afternoon there was freezing rain, not exactly turkey huntin weather. its supposed to warm up this week though and im gonna try to get some later. and that would be pretty awesome to just see them in the middle of nowhere!
  8. i actually like to hunt in a little rain every now and then. from what i've seen it pushes the turkeys out into the fields where you can find them. i dont know why but its almost like they like to get soaking wet, but yes i have had success in the rain.
  9. well, i got bad news today. I thought i was going to be able to youth but i found out that i couldnt. in the hunting guide the way it was worded i thought i was able to youth hunt, but just to make sure i got on the internet to read it on there and it sounded like i couldn't. one of my friends called our local game warden yesterday and the game warden said that i could hunt. just to make certain though, my dad called the ky dept. of fish and wildlife today. they said that i couldnt. i think is stupid though, partly b/c i can't hunt but also b/c i can buy a youth permit and license but i cant youth hunt. i think thats pretty stupid but i guess ill just have to follow the law and not start season until the next saturday. im not too worried though b/c i think i still wont have too much trouble finding that big ole longbeard. good luck to everyone else who gets to start this weekend or has already got to start. i hate u...
  10. Here in ky my season starts saturday since im a youth. I went out sunday morning before church to do some scouting and I found one flock with 9 gobblers strutting in it with about 40-50 hens. This could be the biggest flock of turkeys I've ever hunted in the spring. Last year I used a pretty boy decoy with great success. Almost every bird I saw came running after it. All these groups were small though, usually just a couple of gobblers and a few hens. Does anyone know if that decoy will work as well with a group this large? I'm thinkin that at least one of these birds should come after it. But who knows, they might even split up before saturday.
  11. I know this is a beneli forum, but who can own just one gun? I'm planning on going tomorrow and picking up a new 935 with a 26in barrel. i would like to shoot hevi 13 in #5's. does anyone have a good setup with this or could anyone recommend me a choke for this? Thanks.
  12. u r pretty lucky to be able to hunt that many states. i will only be hunting my home state kentucky and hopefully after i get my two bird limit i will go with some other people and help them with theirs.
  13. with my 870 I use an undertake choke for hevi-shot and I use Hevi-shot in #5s and it is very deadly. I have killed turkeys up to 75 yards away. I have killed a hen at 72 yards and a gobbler at 75. Like someone else said if you have lots of $$ rhino chokes with Nitro hevi-shot are great. A guy I know has killed a gobbler at 96 yards and a bearded hen at 116 yards. Yes, he has a scope to see the turkeys when they are that far away! The only negative of this is that at 20 yards it is like shooting a slug, so you better be on the turkey's head .
  14. I know I will have to clean and maintain whatever I get. I'm just wanting something that won't rust as easily and stay looking good. Will the camo stay on most guns or will it start to chip off after a while?
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