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  • Birthday 11/30/1968

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    I'm just a regular guy.
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    South Carolina
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    hunting, fishing, hiking, camping... pretty much anything outdoors
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    I love my job.
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  1. I hunted this past Saturday in the rain. I didn't kill anything but I called in 2 jakes, just not shooters, to me. Oh yeah, my Benelli SBEII is not rusty. I bought it home, let it dry out, and oiled it down with CLP. She's good to go, and ready for the next hunt, rain or shine... Yeah, Turkey Season is too short. Time is precious and I have to go whenever I can, rain or shine.
  2. That's all the proof you need, right there... Great job...
  3. These were the same results I had. And the shells have the same order in the Indian Creek tube also. I'm lovin the Hevi-13 2 1/4 oz. this spring.
  4. The state doesn't allow alcohol sales on Sundays. They say we're in the Bible Belt. Stores don't open until 1:30 so people have time to go to church. I like these laws and wish stores didn't open at all on Sundays, everybody needs a day off. The bars that are "Private Clubs" are open on Sundays and the people who live here just stock up on Saturdays, so it's no big deal. But, I think it's cool that we at least do something to observe The Lord's Day...
  5. Oh it will get ya... Once you call one in, it'll be all you think about... turn back, while you have a chance, lol. It is by far, my favorite hunting sport.
  6. And we go to church... And we love Jesus...
  7. Opinions are going to vary on this, and guns vary a litle too. Most people will probably say .660. I have a friend who shoots the .655 and #5s and gets awesome patterns. When I buy a Kicks tube it will be .655. Over constricting can blow your pattern, but I've seen my friends patterns, and they aren't blown at all. I shoot the Indian Creek in the .655 and Hevi-13 #5s. I actually shot the .665 Indian Creek along side the .655 with a few different brands on ammo and the .655 was a little better.
  8. We can hunt on Sundays.... I think the Game Management Land is closed on Sundays, but private land is O.K. My inlaws have farm land that I do Sunday afternoon hunts on. Our hunting time is 1 hour before legal sunrise to 1 hour after sunset, April 1st through May 1st.
  9. I actually have taken one of them. Man, you should have seen his jaw drop when we had a couple of gobblers answer back, real hot ones. He understands now, but he's so hen pecked and has to work a lot so he doesn't get to hunt but about twice. Our season is only 1 month. Not enough time. Now me, I use every Saturday and take some vacation days.
  10. I think all Pure Gold turkey chokes are .670. The guy at Schofiled Hardware here said that combination was winning the turkey shoots back before Christmas. The guys here shoot the Winchester Supreme 3 1/2 #6s. I like #5s.
  11. I think the people who say Benelli is not a good turkey gun are people who don't have one. I know a few guys here who have SBEIIs that are awesome turkey guns. I knew them before I bought mine and they are the reason I did. I had a Browning Gold 3 1/2" Gold before, and these three guys would shame me at the patterning board. But not anymore, If you can't beat 'em, join 'em, right. 2 of the guys shoot SBEII with Pure Gold tubes and Winchester Supremes, One shoots SBEII with Kicks .655, and I like the SBEII with Indian Creek .655. But I may end up with a Kicks .655 before it's over. Only draw back to Kicks is no Hevi-shot.
  12. Keep that Kicks... That's what my buddy shoots in his SBEII and it is great. I believe you will like it. He shoots Winchester Supremes and loves it. I've seen several big toms die in front of it.
  13. I've patterned the SBEII and got her all ready. I've got my spring camo on the top of the stack. Took out my vest and made sure it's all organized. Right now I'm doing a little scouting, not over doing it as to not pressure birds, glassing fields, and that kind of thing. Polishing up my calling skills, I ride around with a couple of diaphrams in the truck and practice with them. April 1st will be here before you know it. I'll sneak a quick hunt in that morning, then I have a vacation day on the second that I'm spending on some game management land here.
  14. My name is spurcollector and I'm an addict too. It's O.K. you're among brothers here... I can't wait until April 1st, that's opening day here. I have a lease with two friends who don't turkey hunt. I tell them deer season is just a way for me to pass time until turkey season comes in. They think I'm crazy. Maybe they're right.
  15. Second that... with the 2 1/4 oz. shot.
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