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  1. i like shooting deer with arrows so they die more slowly and in pain....usually several hundred yards from my treestand....where they leave little or no blood trail and I can't find them....this way the coyotes and black bears can survive the winter! seriously, im kinda envious of "tucker" or rather whatever state he lives in?!?! heck in ohio you cant even hunt ducks during the deer gun season....we can't even shoot deer with guns except for that 1 week in december or those 4 days of muzzy season in January!!! we have to use slugs ONLY, too (unless you use a handgun of legal caliber)!!!
  2. it's the benelli "auto-loader" curse...they will ALL do this to you sooner or later, M1's, SBE's 12 ga or 20ga...it don't matter! it usually happens when you pull the trigger on that 26# Gobbler at 12 yards...or when you are in the duck blind with your buddies braggin 'bout this great benelli shotgun you own! I own 3 Benelli's right now...an older M1 in 20ga, a SBE & SBEII (12's)....they have ALL done this at one time or another. Sold a Benelli Sporting Clays gun because of this problem back in 2000...during some competition shoots a "misfire" is scored as a missed bird and can cost
  3. as tucker mentioned Gander Mountain offers this service, too and more than likely they send it out to someone to apply the finish??? the finish is actually applied using a "film" that gets transfered to the gun parts when they are "dipped" into the "film" the color and pattern adhere to the gun surfaces. wood can be "dipped" but it may require a primer to get the "film" to adhere properly...even some synthetic pieces are primed to get a good adhesion. that's my 2 cents...
  4. looks like a deadly combination....
  5. that's good stuff mudhen....thanks for sharing! I'm still working on my first 100....but I only hunt 3 states! LOL
  6. it is purdy fancy........
  7. HH, I don't own a M2 but I do turkey hunt with a M1 (S90) in 20 gauge. After adding a good set of rifle sites I was able to adjust my point of impact (POI) as needed....mine shot a bit high out of the box with a bead site! All of my turkey rigs have "rifle sites" or optics since very few shotguns, regardless of the maker, will shoot to the same POI for every shooter....sometimes its a simple matter of gun fit rather than a mis-aligned barrel. I have seen guns that came from the factory with terrible choke tube alignment, I would have a gunsmith check this before I would "bend" a bar
  8. what chad said.......why do you completely remove your sling when turkey hunting? I'm just curious? Jeff in SW Ohio
  9. M1014, WOW....I wish those were under my Christmas tree....my stocking is too small for these beauties!!! Jeff in SW Ohio
  10. isk, see my reply to your post "Choke too tight"........which choke tube and constriction is highly dependant on the size and type of ammo you will shoot. Chad also gave you some very good advice in this post. Jeff in SW Ohio
  11. isk, i'm sure you have already heard this from someone but the choke you select really depends on the shot size you intend to choose. Example the .640" choke will more than likely pattern best with #7.5 or even #8 lead shot! Let's assume you want to shoot #6 or #5 copper plated buffered shot for Turkey hunting...I would lean toward a .660" or .665". Maybe you want to use Heavy Shot or another brand of "heavier than lead" Turkey loads in #6, my recommendation would be to consider a .670" or .675" choke. finally, I prefer an extended ported choke personally and one of my favorites i
  12. .....the turkey rigs I have in my gun safe!
  13. ks, post it on ebay......
  14. its probably been a year or more since my last visit to this forum and it's nice to see everyone is still good friends! i don't know "mudhen" personally but he has always given a lot of good sound advice on this forum and I agree with him when it comes to a "second" shot. Misses or injuries can happen no matter how good you THINK you are and even at a so called stationary target like a wild turkey! I have killed Turkey's with a TC Encore, a SBEII, a SuperNova, an old Browning A5, a Winchester Model 37 16 gauge, Browning Gold 10ga, Hunter Arms 16 ga SxS, Beretta O/U...you name it and I'm
  15. .....there I said it! i can't spell either........
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