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  1. I think barrel length has some effect on velocity , which would have an effect on pattern. I dont know enough to say and I dont really worry about it. i do think short barrel are more finicky in the sense that slight imperfections of aiming can have a more pronounced effect downrange.... shorter barrel means lighter gun and recoil (especially with magnum turkey loads) can influence accuracy.
  2. Very impressive website blackborechokes. And, those are some awesome looking patterns at 40 yrds. i love the concept and design and hope you have a lot of success. it must be fun developing new ideas and designs. I am intrigued that yo have good results with the flitecontrol. i guess the whole idea behind that wadding is to strip away the wadding as cleanly as possible. Looks like your chokes assist that process.
  3. I shoot a SBE 12 ga and a M2 20 ga for turkey hunting. For the 12 ga , I get good patterns shoot 685 with good old federal #5 's Pretty much anything shoots well. I dont really like super tight patterns and I dont really care for the flite control. for some reason, the flite control seems erratic for me. tight centers , but the entire pattern seems to drift from shot to shot. For my 20 gauge, I do shoot the flite control, #7s HW and I get very good results with factory full choke. I have tried lots and lots of combinations of loads and
  4. The smaller the number, the tighter the bore. .660 is tighter than .665 My benelli has a bore diameter of .720 and if I use a choke tube with a .06 constriction , i will end up with .660 exit diameter. if i use a choke tube with a .055 constriction, (not quite as tight as the previous ) i will end up with an exit diameter of .665 Both of these are very tight chokes *Actually my benelli bore is .723 but this makes the math a little easier
  5. Awesome bird... I bet it is fun to hunt in the snow ,,, if they are cooperating. great picture what was the beard length 10" ???
  6. there are three really good loads that you can shoot. Winchester #5 or #6 XTended Range Hevi shot #5 or #6 and Fed HeavyWeight #6 These are all pretty expensive shells $4- $5 per shell so, as an alternative , winchester #5 lead is awesome. The best advice is to shoot it and that gives you an idea what your pattern looks like and how far you can comfortably shoot a turkey.
  7. HH


    Really good photo, what kind of equipment are you using?
  8. Very nice set of hooks on that bird ! ! ! Congrats
  9. HH

    2011 turkey

    Here is the pattern that I get with the 675 #5's hevi shot.
  10. HH

    2011 turkey

    SBE 3 1/2" using heviShot #5 with Roberts 675 Bird killed was 9 1/2" and 1 1/4" spurs
  11. HH

    3 1/2 " vinci

    I guess I should thank benelli for waiting until after I bought my 3" Vinci before they launched the newest version. Has anybody shot one of these ???
  12. HH

    Lights Out...

    Wow.... thats a whopper burger. congrats.
  13. It was a fine morning and the gobblers were vocal. I usually dont set up for a field bird, but this was my only option . The lone gobbler came across 300 yrd field and gave me a perfect opportunity to get my gun on him for a 35 yrd shot. Federal HW #7 w/ Benelli M2 - 20 ga- Trulock .580 Turkey choke 10 " beard 1 1/8" spurs Life is Good.
  14. Here's a pic of my 40 yrd pattern from my new vinci using hevi-13 #6 with a Wright's #1 choke 670 counted 160
  15. I use a BDU Jacket and cut off the sleeves for my vest. Its good old woodland camo that is fade resistant and very durable as it is made to mil-spec. It has two bellow pockets at the waist and two breast pockets. I can stick my slate call in one of the pockets, and my gloves and shells in the other. My striker goes in the pencil pocket thats on the breast pocket and a mouth call in the other breast pocket. After hunting, I just take off my vest and everything is in its place the next morning. It cost about $25 . I never used a seat cushion so I dont
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