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  1. Thats awsome i cant wait to try it out I just hope the wind dies down here.It might have to wait until next weekend.I might end up on the ice in my shanty instead:D
  2. I ordered a cody drop dead series glass call and a cody one sided box today to compare sounds on calls and a couple videos I cant wait for this season.
  3. What kinda vests are you guys using? also what is your favorite call? So far I have primos calls I need alot of practice. and I have a cabelas tatr 2 turkey vest its pretty nice. I like the thick seat.
  4. Thats why I really wanted to just use the factory setup I just wasnt sure about the pattern drop thats the way I am going to start out. I highly doubt with my limited shotgun experience that I could even make a follow up shot with a scope on. And it would cost a fortune to get used to. this weekend I will find out all of my shells are here. thanks for the replies
  5. Do any of you use a red dot for everything or just a factory setup never heard of shims what the .... are they. Raised a bowhunter only. This is alot more complicated than I thought. I am glad you guys know what your doin so I can learn a thing or two or three or four ect...
  6. did u use a scope or regular factory setup
  7. Do you have a scope for it or did you shoot it with the factory setup. I am asking because I am still stuck on that subject. I am planning on using my vinci for coyotes and geese as well as turkey.
  8. Im new to the sport I was told that federal both flight control and blackcloud are not supposed to be shot out of any ported choke tube. Federal sent this info to indian creek from what I understand. This again I was told because of the wad inside.I am glad it works for you I was originally going to order those shells,but I am going to give it a shot with what I have. Keep putting down the birds thanks
  9. Thanks for the help guys. It is hard to find info on the vinci I will post my findings and let you know what I came up with. Hopefully I will have pics of my first tom this spring;)
  10. thanks for the input i will order that speed dot and give it a shot it seems alot more sensible i didnt know i had that option. Enjoy your hunting good luck this spring.
  11. call benelli tech support they will know
  12. you are not supposed to shoot black cloud out of a indian creek choke tube but thanks
  13. I have a vinci and was wandering what would a good load for geese i have an indian creek choke tube.
  14. Im new to the shotgun game bought a vinci and an indian creek choke. The shells i have coming are heavy 13 3" #4,#5,#6 also ordered winchester extended range turkey loads in#6.For patterning.I bought a red dot scope low powered. Has anyone tried any of these and what were your results? Im not really sure if I am not sure i even need to use the scope? So any info from you veterans would help.
  15. facepaint


    By next week I will have my first 12 gauge. Im getting the vinci. Its been tough keeping that a secret. I'm goin to bust it out while the guys are together next weekend shooting hee hee hee any info about chokes or ammo from a fellow owner would be appreciated
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