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  1. I have a vinci that I use for duck hunting here in SC/NC... I'd love to have something like the Burris Speed Bead, but I didn't see on their website where it would fit the Vinci... does anyone know if it will? or does trijicon or someone else make something that would be suitable for what I'm looking for? thanks guys and gals! Jack
  2. I was in the same boat as you, I was torn between the SBE 2 and the Vinci... I've never shot 3.5" and I don't even think it's necessary, besides, it's not that big of a difference, I'm here duck hunting in Spain shooting 3" shells, and these Spaniards are knockin these ducks deader than a door nail with 2 3/4th inch shells... My cousin went with the SBE 2, me the Vinci... we both went to the range and both said the Vinci was the better gun... Everyone is gonna say that it's the new model bla bla bla and therefore it's not tried and tested... I say it's a benelli, they stand behi
  3. here are our ducks! me and a few other guys went hunting in some thick thick fog... lemme tell ya a little about their ways of hunting... depending on which state you are in Spain, lead is legal and illegal, the state in which we hunted, you could use lead... most used 6-7 shot... you can bait.... there was a lot of grain thrown out.... and a couple of guys even brought 3 mallard ducks (1 drake and 2 hens) in a cage, and used them to call the other ducks in! it was crazy! and you can hunt them at night... (they would shine a pond with a light periodically) a
  4. hmmm you really think I should go buy some lead bullets? how much farther can they shoot vs steel? I have 2 boxes of Black Cloud, 1 box of Hevi Metal, and a box of kent... I'm new to duck hunting (been a few times this year in SC, but came up empty handed) what is my effective range (with these bullets) do you think? thanks again! I'll post some pics if I'm successful ! I sureeee do hope so! Mallards baby!
  5. I'm currently in Spain and I am going hunting this weekend. I asked the guide taking me, if lead was legal to shoot waterfowl here in Spain. He told me yes! I brought 4 boxes of black cloud, and I'm curious if the other people going hunting with me (Spanish people) will blow me out of the water (in being able to shoot farther, etc.)? thanks! Jack PS their shells (lead of course) are sooooo much cheaper than the black cloud I brought!
  6. what kinda ammo are you shooting again? have you tried different chokes? maybe invest in a good after market choke...
  7. anyone have any opinion on the Hevi-Metal Shotgun shells made by Hevi-Shot? specifically, these here : http://www.cabelas.com/p-0070185.shtml thanks! Jack
  8. it pretty much hit exactly where I aimed... can't complain... the target was about 30 yards maybe...
  9. **** no :-( been 2 times: first time, saw a lot of ducks, and heard a **** of a lot of them before the sun rose. However, my cousin got trigger happy and shot way too early = no ducks secondly, went to a different area where you think there would be tons of ducks, didn't see 1 damn duck... just weren't in the right spot, we did however hear tons of shotgun blasts from afar... :-( going for the 3rd time tomorrow, wish me luck...!
  10. I patterned yesterday a little bit, I was happy with the pattern I used the Improved Cylinder choke from Benelli and used 3" black cloud #2s... however, I'm a noob to shotguns so I honestly don't know what's a good pattern and what's not... it looked consistent and the spread was enough to please me... a duck woulda been dead ;-) how many pellets can a shell, like a 3" black cloud hold? anyone know? thanks!
  11. I didn't get to the range today, probably wed or thurs. I'll let ya know tho...
  12. pretty sure you can take the plug out...
  13. I'm using the improved cylinder that came with the Vinci. Does anyone have any experience with Carlson's black cloud choke? I need something to pattern well, fan out, because I need all the help I can get :-) anyone? thanks Jack
  14. hey, I'm going to pattern da Vinci tomorrow... I'll let ya know my results... I have a friend who works in Benelli's repair dept, she's gonna send me a new bead out tomorrow...
  15. I agree that they are both fine shotguns. I'm 5'11", for me the Vinci just feels better all around, also I'm very glad I got the 26" vs his 28". For me no regrets, 100% confident I prefer the Vinci. To each his own!
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