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  1. Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone can help me out....undecided as to which length to get....I was told 26" is good for birds but 28" might be better for target shooting........any thoughts/info. would be appreciated Thx
  2. So bare with me as i've been hunting only 2 years now. Is the amount of pellets the same in a 3" if using it for 12gau &/or 20 gau. cause this is point exactly as I don't want to be under gunned for geese this fall...
  3. Hi guys, need some opinions on the matter. I'm looking at possibly trading in my SBEII 12gau over to a 20gau. M2, and I'd be using it for turkey, small game and some water fowl, the reason for this I find i'm able to shoulder the smaller 20 alot easier over the 12. I'm 5'7 160lbs...from what i've read it seems some of the die-hard waterfowlers sware by 3 1/2" loads especially for geese of which i'd love to try this fall...any opinions would be appreciated
  4. Although I own the SBEII 12ga. MAX4 (smooth), I had a hard time justifying spending an extra $600-700 for a slug barrel up here in Canada for just 1 week of use...luckily I managed to find a M2 20gau on sale w/rifled barrel so I have my designated set up for deer season from now on. If you got the funds, buy the slug barrel for the SBE, however if I was in your shoes I'd try to buy a designated slug gun....**** if I knew now what I did 3 years ago I would have skipped on SBE and bought the M2 and saved, very few scenario's will require you to use 3 1/2" ammo
  5. lol....already posted Sgt (Feb 1)...with no replies either Guess we might have to expand the search to all Benelli semi-auto in 20 gau. rifled barrel for more help
  6. Hey guys, I'm contemplating buying the above for deer season. Has anyone ever tried using this successfully, open sights or scope, and what ammo were you using? Any info. will be appreciated Thanks
  7. Hey guys, I was just wondering if anyone has had any good/bad experience with the above ammo. I was thinking of using this for my SBEII for this season....thoughts? and if so, which particular line etc and size Thanks
  8. Hey guys, just ramping up for turkey opener up in Ontario...was thinking of buying a box call, are there any out there that are better then others...was leaning towards Primos Wet Box $24.99, is it any good? any others out there better??? thoughts
  9. And from your experience, what the best combo/ammo to use with the Jellyhead on an SBEII open sight...hopefully I can get her patterned in before 'opener' I wanted to ask a few other questions via 'pm' but i'm not over my 15 posts yet lol re: SBEII and firing slugs out of her Thanks for all your help so far
  10. k.....thanks Mudhen Is it worth spending the $40-50 on an after market choke (ie. Primos jellyhead)
  11. So what the best choke & ammo to use on a SBEII using open sights for turkey? Thoughts....
  12. Any thoughts to the Federal Flight Control Wad?
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