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  1. Mark, Thanks for the reply. I checked out the website the the turley chokes indeed produce a very good pattern with the Rem Nitros which is what is my preferred choice in ammo.
  2. Thanks.... Also wondering what combinations people have found to pattern best. Speaking with one individual, they indicated the barrle of the M2000 and SBE and most Baretta and Benelli semi-autos would be the same as the Stoeger, the major difference in all these lies in the inner workings of the guns nott he barrel. With that being said it should seem that the choke ammo combo that works in a SBE should be similar exiting my barrel. I am shooting 24" barrel.
  3. I have a stoeger M2000 and the last couple years have been shooting the super full choke that came with it which has a constriction of .660. I have just purchased a Kicks Gobblin Thunder turkey choke with a constriction of .665. I am wondering if anyone knows what I can expect from the difference in these two constrictions. Which is the tighter constriction between the Kicks @ .665 or the Beretta mobile choke (which is what comes with the gun) @ .660? Looking forward to field testing, just wanting any help I can get.
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