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  1. i have a steady grip stock for a benelli M1 i am looking to sell. it is black and never been in the field. would like to get $100.00 for it but make me an offer and we might work something out. thanks kenneth a soden
  2. bump. need to sell! make me an offer.
  3. new steady grip stock never been in the field. $125.00 thanks pm if interested kenneth a soden
  4. ksoden

    value ???

    benelli m1 12 ga blued/ composite 24 inch bbl complete choke set extras: benelli steady grip stock speedfeed pistol grip stock aim tech saddle style mount indian creek turkey choke what is it worth? thanks
  5. would you be interested in a trade for a 28" barrel? let me know. thanks
  6. yes it will work fine. the barrel has a vent rib, is 28" long and is threaded for choke tubes. let me know if you are interested. thanks
  7. 28" barrel for a benelli M1 super 90. vent rib. $325.00 shipped to you. let me know thanks
  8. i have a extra 28" barrel for a benelli M1 super 90. i will sell for $300 shipped to you. let me know if you are interested. thanks. kenneth a soden
  9. try gunbroker.com. they usually have a few for sale there, or google "benelli barrels". worked for me when i was looking for a M1 barrel.
  10. i would seriously consider putting a red dot scope on your turkey gun. even if you dont have point of aim/impact issues, they are a tremendous advantage in the turkey woods. your new SBE should be drilled and tapped for a scope mount so with a little more investment you would be set up for a sure enough turkey killer. i was dead set against putting optics on my turkey gun, but after hunting from south alabama to northeast kansas with mine i will have one on my gun for the rest of my days in the field. my M1 shot a little high, i put a aim-tech saddle mount on and added a red dot , after sighti
  11. there was one on gunbroker made by ER Shaw not too long ago,might want to try there. good luck, it seems the M1 barrels are very hard to find.
  12. ksoden

    M1 barrel

    i have a 28" M1 barrel i am looking to trade. would like to trade for a 24" barrel. if interested let me know. thanks. kenneth a soden
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