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  1. Gentlemen, This is my first post on the Benelli forum so I'll take a brief moment to introduce myself. My name is Kyle and I'm a Virginia native. I eat, sleep and drink turkeys. I typically start my season in MS and then hit SC, VA, MD, VT and I occassionally venture into Rio territory as well(Oklahoma). I've been shooting an 870 SPS with a Super Mad Max Choke and 3.5" Hevishot 5s at turkeys and smacking them out to 55 yards but I have always wanted a Benelli. I'm about one phone call away from getting an '08 SBE II steady-grip but I have always heard about Benelli's and their issues with point of impact vs. point of aim. I'm assuming that many of you shoot the SBE II, so I pose this question to you. How far off of your point of aim was your gun shooting when you shot it out of the box and what have you done to rectify the issue? I'm not a fan of optics on a turkey gun, but I don't want to have to put a rear apperature (sp?) on the gun and adjust it so far to the left or right that I have to throw my face across the stock. Your thoughts and experiences will be greatly appreciated.
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