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  1. Any suggestions on where to get a new IC (4-cut) crio-choke for an SBE-2? My dad dropped my pal's gun, dinged it, and I still need to replace it. Thanks
  2. I want an M4, but knew my first blaster would be for clays and birds. My pals have SBE2's, but I went with an M2 for the possibilities of converting from field to tactical. Still working on that one...
  3. Excellent, thanks a bunch for the info guys!! Hopefully we can fix it, if not, hopefully I can score a new one for my pal at a decent price. Does anybody know about getting an M2 tactical barrel?
  4. I've bought a few guns online now and live in CA, the biggest thing is checking their feedback, and getting quick clear communication with them. Someone serious will answer multiple e-mail questions in hours or a day vs. someone who may take a few days. I've only had good experiences so far...
  5. Hey fellas, first post here after browsing the search option, and I have a couple of questions: 1. Where can I get a replacement lefty SBE2 black 28" barrel? My dad dropped my pal's gun so I may have to replace the dinged barrel. Removal and installation of chokes is very difficult, and just not right. Maybe I can fix it, but have to replace it. 2. Where can I get an M2 tactical barrel for my M2 field? Is that even possible? If these are considered "customer service" questions, please let me know. Thanks a bunch, I'm looking forward to hear and share. AC
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