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  1. M1014

    Panzer M4 Shotgun

    wow,cool topic,been a way a while,love those M1014s,awesome shotgun,man, if I couldn't afford a Benelli m4 and this m4 clone is avalaible,I would buy it,even if it works for just a little while because ''something is better than nothing'',I bought a chinese trench gun clone last year cause I could'nt afford a real one.it broke on me 6 months later, very bad ,it was so bad that the 1897 smiths would'nt touch it,another smith said''ditch it''so I sold it and used the money and then some to buy another gun,so it worked out pretty good,it didn't seem like it at the time,the gun I bought was just meant for me, ,heck of a journey to end up purchasing my favorite type of shotgun, a Benelli, I wish all of you a good day and happy shooting.
  2. you can google ''Italian proof marks'' and your answer will be there,I love those 121 m1s,got one too.
  3. that sad for my memory,I had forgotten all about that military manual method and the worst of it is that I own one of those manuals,age is catching up to me,,thanks for the reminder
  4. M1014


    Greetings from M1014 ,,hope all is well with ya''ll
  5. thats an english ,,,field stock has a grip
  6. look at the date,,oh my:https://forums.benelliusa.com/showthread.php/12928-M1014-M4-heatshield?highlight=benelli+heatshield
  7. there making those type of heatshields in metal too? they used to be plastic in the past,who makes them?,,PS:nice job
  8. a very interesting book,released for there 50th anniversary celebration of Benelli Armi-1967-2017,,4million guns.
  9. Thank you,I'll check it out
  10. just viewed taran tacticle pics,there m4 has one,theres no you tube vid on it,they are magicians' I guess.
  11. I got a matchsaverzz for Christmas and attempted to install it on my M1014,,''no go'',tried different locations on the forend,the gas piston tube is in the way,wrote them on facebook,we will see if they respond,might call them,patched the hole in my forend. ''so much for experiments''
  12. I love how you call it,the ''old school M1014'' it just blows me away,lol lol,stay well friend
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