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  1. They probably take the back order into that equation, I hope being I back ordered mine May 22nd!
  2. Lucky, I ordered my pre order around May 20th, now August 12th still no show! So I just try and forget about it and chill! Oh by the way, I've spent the money I saved for it, twice, yes 2 times so it's not that bad, 🙃
  3. Almost 90 days 😩 waiting on my Benelli M4 11721 , hope its worth the wait, 🙃 Every place is out of stock thats why almost 3 months ago when I ordered it I thought I'de at least see it in 60 days! Oh well, hope it comes some day!
  4. Day 90, still waiting on my backorder of my M4 11721
  5. I FN love your comment, me being Italian Genovesi lmao! So true
  6. Back ordered my Benelli 11721 May 20th, I knew it would be a long wait but just wanted to get in line at least! I know their production started back up, has anyone back ordered a Benelli M4 and still waiting or received theirs! just curious, thanks!
  7. No it's a fake, I'll give you $1000 for it, I collect fake guns!
  8. geno0506

    Shabby M2 build

    WOW, awesome build!
  9. Nice Wilton, what model number is that!
  10. geno0506

    Benelli Plant?

    what model are the 2 black M4's
  11. Thanks, will defiantly get one!
  12. Green, reminds me of my military days! @ClackClackBAM What brand is the green sling!
  13. FYI: I emailed [email protected] and received this response hane Worley Wed, May 27, 1:18 PM (1 day ago) to me Hello Michael, We will be. We are just waiting for more Benelli factory latches to come in for us to modify. Benelli Italy was closed for 2+ months for Covid-19. Shane Worley Senior Product Specialist GG&G, Inc. 1-800-380-2540
  14. Awesome sauce, thanks brother!
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