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  1. I have the Mesa Urbino on my M2 Tactical. I really like it. Big difference in the length of pull. Solid piece. I’m considering getting one for my M4 as well.
  2. JT111

    Both M2 and M4

    Yeah, I ran across this used M2 a couple weeks ago, so I bought it. I had to change the magazine spring. It had the original M2 spring in and it wouldn't feed the last round out of the magazine. So I brought a Nordic Components spring and trimmed it 16" longer than the mag tube as per their directions. It now functions perfectly. It feeds light loads without hang-ups. I had been expecting to wait forever for an M4 to show up. I think I'll keep them.
  3. JT111

    Both M2 and M4

    I acquired a used M2 thinking it would be a long time until I would get an M4. As luck would have it, a few weeks later I got a call from the local sporting goods store. They are both quite sweet in my opinion. Does that make me a collector?
  4. Congrats Croaker! I think I know how you feel.
  5. First post here. I took possession of a new M4 yesterday. I had been on a wait list at my local sporting goods chain store for about three weeks. I was pleasantly surprised to hear from them so soon. I expected not to hear anything for months. I couldn't bring myself to pay the prices on gun broker. Anyway, I'm pretty excited to finally own an M4. Thanks!
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