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  1. I personally do not store long guns with one in the chamber. Pistols yes. Here is one point of view. https://www.luckygunner.com/lounge/cruiser-ready-how-to-store-a-home-defense-shotgun-2020-update/
  2. JT111

    My new M4

    Congratulations on your M4! I know just how you feel.
  3. It would nice for the rest of us if people shared how they solved their problem. That’s how this is supposed to work.
  4. Congrats on your M4 LastStand and thank you for your service!
  5. JT111

    hello-quick intro

    Welcome to this forum. There is a lot of useful information here. What model of Benelli do you have?
  6. I do not have an M3, but if it’s anything like an M4 it’s important to thoroughly clean an properly lubricate before firing the new weapon. I ran my M4 pretty wet during break in. I’m assuming your M3 is new? Also, during break in I used high brass heavier loads, full power buck shot and slugs. Maybe you did all that already. Just thought I’d try to help to rule out typical break in stuff.
  7. It’s a bad idea to post your full name and address on the internet. You should request to have your post deleted as soon as possible.
  8. Thanks for asking the question. I’d like to know as well.
  9. Microtechs lock up solidly. That’s a great knife. I gave an Ultratech blade to my son. He loves it.
  10. That looks like you could get a good grip on it. I love that knife. This is my OTF.
  11. Looks like you’re settled on what you really want. Looks great to me! That’s a keeper.
  12. This thread has pictures and a description of the Mesa stock. I have the Mesa and like it. Someday I will get a C stock after the market settles down.
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